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How Can Acoustic Room Dividers Benefit Your Workplace?

With more UK workers now being able to return to work, managers have been raising concerns about productivity and creativity in the workplace. The reduced productivity after going back into work could be due to the fact that some employees...
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How Can Portable Partitions Help With England’s Gradual Lockdown Ease?

The government had recently announced that the England lockdown will be seeing gradual ease in stages. According to the Government website, the number of coronavirus cases in the UK has been reported to be on a downwards trend as the...
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How Can Partitions & Dividers Help Vaccine Hubs?

With the reveal of the new coronavirus vaccination centres in England, the government aims to inoculate approximately 13 million people by the middle of February. In efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, the government has transformed seven major locations...
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Portable Partitions Company Helps Set Up COVID Inoculation Cubicles for Hospitals

Following the approval for the use of the Pfizer vaccine in the UK, many GP surgeries, hospitals, and other medical practices are now setting up vaccination centres. More than 100 locations across England will have the vaccine delivered to them...
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Style, Comfort, Versatility – No Longer an Extravagant Expense

Facilities & premises managers need to know that they’re making the most of their workspace. The time of cubicles and satellite office space has gone a long time ago, and in the era of collaborative working and corporate flex, many...
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