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Voting and Polling booths
Transform Your Venue into a Polling Station with Portable Partitions
As the UK General Election on July 4th approaches, venues across the country are preparing to become polling stations. Ensuring...
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Small office with waiting area separated by a portable partition.
The benefits of privacy in an office
Open plan offices are great in certain kind of working environments; however they don’t work in all offices or for...
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Creating an optimum exam environment for students
The exam period for UK schools begins in May. This is the time of year when schools need to adapt...
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Stark waiting area with no images on the walls or divided spaces
Acoustic panels and dividers for more relaxing waiting areas
Portable Partitions provide a wide range of acoustic panels and dividers to improve the appearance and noise pollution of commercial...
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Case studies | Portable Partitions Company Supplies Room Dividers For A Midlands Church
Proving room dividers for places of worship has proven very popular since Covid, and continues to be an ongoing fixture....
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Case studies | Portable Partitions Company Delivered Room Dividers & Protection Screens for A Local Restaurant
Restaurants have been open for just over 3 months now and have had to follow the rules throughout. This meant...
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Case studies | Leonard Cheshire residential care company
Creating a safer environment in care homes has always been an incredibly important focus at Portable Partitions Company. Our case...
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Case studies | Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals
Supplying hospitals with COVID mitigation products. Portable Partitions were able to fulfil the brief from Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals...
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Case studies | Portable Partitions Company Provides Hospitals with COVID Inoculation Cubicles
Many hospitals, GP surgeries and other medical practices are now setting up vaccination centres across the UK. There are more...
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University of Warwick modular walls
Case studies | University of Warwick
The experts at Portable Partitions Company were tasked with assessing the needs at the University of Warwick. We offered suitable...
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