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    Our acoustic screens, sound-absorbing panels and soundproof room dividers and partitions can be used to reduce noise and ambient sounds. With many companies adopting open-space layouts, echoing is becoming an issue and affecting productivity. Acoustic room dividers and acoustic office partitions can help overcome this issue.

    As well as being used as classroom dividers in schools and offices, our acoustic screen panels can improve a customers dining experience by reducing noise in a loud restaurant, café or hotel. Plus, they can add a bit of style to any space, adding a splash of colour, or why not customise your own design.

    Some of our acoustic screen solutions can be placed on desks to create a visual and auditory barrier. You can even find acoustic and soundproof room dividers that serve multiple functions, as they can reduce echo and be a creative aesthetic piece.

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    We understand that every property is unique and thereby so are their requirements of an acoustic room divider or partition. At the Portable Partition Company we are constantly evolving our solutions and providing new products to address the needs of our clients in as comprehensive a way as possible. If you’re unsure of the ways in which a room divider or acoustic partition can function within your own space, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
    What our customers say

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at the Portable Partitions Company and we endeavour to always be on hand to help when any of our clients require support. Here’s what some of our customers have to say.

    We have been working with the Portable Partition Company for over 5 years now and believe we would struggle to find another supplier able to deal as efficiently and flexibly with our ever-changing needs and locations. The whole team are friendly and professional, and they work tirelessly on our large exam setup, constantly checking that the erection of the screen matches our exact needs.
    Melanie Storey, University of Warwick
    The team provided invaluable advice on the sizes we required based on the measurements of our office. Turnaround and delivery of our screens was really fast too which was great given the current pandemic and lockdown. Highly recommended.
    Rob Stoubos, Odyssey New Media Ltd
    An amazing choice of screens and dividers means we could kit out our whole office and reception ready for our return from lockdowns. The team provided great advice and guidance from start to finish.
    The service from start to finish has been brilliant, you guys were so helpful from the first call to request the partition helping me chose which option would be best for our needs and even offering a cheaper solution to the original item as it fit better with our delivery need.  Delivery was really good driver kept in contact and if the delivery wasn’t going to be when scheduled we were contacted and given a reason why.  The partitions themselves are brilliant they allow us to use the open space in so many different ways now, so much so we ordered a second and are possibly looking at ordering more for our other sites.  We would highly recommend you guys to anyone, a really great all round service 😊.
    Jacci Burton, Northumberland County Council
    Bespoke partition was required, supporting staff help us to find out best solution. Overall excellent service, Delivery on time, we are very happy with the services provided from PPC. We would be very pleased to do business with PPC. I will definitely recommend.
    Abdul Wahab Siddiqui, Starline Holdings Technology Ltd.