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Manufacturers To Receive Funding Boost To Aid Recovery After COVID-19

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Whilst many sectors across the UK have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing industry has seen a significant reduction in capacities due to slower supply chains, fewer workers being available, and higher logistical costs. To help alleviate the...
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How Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Hospitals

COVID-19 has affected many people’s lives and will continue have a huge impact on the NHS who is in coming under huge amounts of stress. They’re stretched like never before and need more equipment to help fight the spread of...
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Portable Partitions Company Gets Environment & Safety Accreditation

As well as great value and effective flexible space solutions the Portable Partitions Company is always seeking to offer its customers peace of mind. Therefore the company is very proud of its ongoing commitment to protecting the environment and the welfare of...
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Photo Studio Gets Organised With Portable Partition Walls

Located in Malibu, Florida, the J. Paul Getty Museum exhibits a variety of ancient art and antiquities ranging from countries like Greece, Rome, and Etruria. The in-house photography studio (the Getty Villa) works to meticulously capture both the art and...
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Get Creative With Custom Art On Your Portable Partition

James Talbot from, the UK’s largest car-buying site, recently came to us in search of a partition wall that could not only separate space but also display artwork in their offices. He was looking for a way to partition...
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