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Case studies | Portable Partitions Company Delivered Room Dividers & Protection Screens for A Local Restaurant

Case studies | Portable Partitions Company Delivered Room Dividers & Protection Screens for A Local Restaurant

Restaurants have been open for just over 3 months now and have had to follow the rules throughout. This meant room dividers were a real necessity. A local restaurant got in touch with to ensure that their restaurant is following the new COVID-19 guidelines for restaurants.

Rules had been put in place, such as wearing a mask when entering and signing in using the NHS app. The overall aim was to reinforce the social distancing measures throughout the establishment.

Our aim was to deliver the finest quality room divider that’s ideal for the restaurant and the it’s layout. This ensured that guests felt safe as the restaurant was taking these safety precautions seriously. Portable Partitions provided the most suitable protection screens to reduce the spread of the virus between customers and staff alike.

How Portable Partitions Company Helped

The professionals at Portable Partitions Company delivered a range of protective screens to help the restaurant divide the dining room.

Safer Ordering System. The restaurant needed an effective way for customers to order while also preventing the spread of the virus. One of the products we have supplied is the Countertop Tri-Panel Screen. This acts as a protective shield between the customer and the staff. This can be easily sanitised and stored away when not needed.

It made the ordering system easier because it meant that customers could go and order themselves.

Implementing a One-way System.

To help the restaurant create an effective one-way system, one of the products supplied was the Clearview Sliding Panel Partition. This is a high-quality plexiglass transparent room divider which can be used to create social distancing. It’s a portable solution that can be easily sanitised and stored away when not in use.

The room divider ran from the main entrance all the way through the middle of the restaurant. This allowed a one-way system; so guests would enter through the left side of the entrance then exit through the right.

Spacing Customers Out.

One of the most important areas that needed improvement is the spacing out of tables in the restaurant and protective screens between each table. While it’s easy enough to space tables out through the dining room, the protective screens ensured that extra safety was put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. We recommended that the establishment implemented Clearview Divider 360 to divide tables up in the dining room.

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