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Increase Office Productivity with Acoustic Partitions & Dividers

Image of an office space.
With the majority of the UK workers now back at work, it’s important that employee productivity is maintained so that your business continues to operate effectively. In office environments, there are many ways you can increase productivity and ease the...
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How EverBlocks Can Bring Some Fun to Your Office Space

mage of everblock folding door
Looking to build a break out space in your office for your employees? It’s important to give your members of staff an area where they can relax and switch off for a period of time in the working day. As...
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Back To School – How Can Acoustic Partitions Benefit Schools?

An image of a classroom.
Now that schools are welcoming students back, it’s important that they continue to adhere to the COVID-19 government guidelines so that both staff and students are as safe as they can be. Some students and staff may be hesitant to...
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