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Case studies | Portable Partitions Company Supplies Room Dividers For A Midlands Church

Case studies | Portable Partitions Company Supplies Room Dividers For A Midlands Church

Proving room dividers for places of worship has proven very popular since Covid, and continues to be an ongoing fixture. A Midlands church wanted to re-open safely following the announcement that people may visit places of worship. (As long as social distancing measures are in place.)

The church had prepared the essential social distancing measures beforehand. They ensured guests stayed two metres apart and limited the entry numbers. They still wanted to make the church safer and easier for people to comply with social distancing.

The aim was to supply the most suitable products for the staff and guests to maintain social distancing in the church. We recommended and supplied a range of high-quality protection screens and room dividers to help control the spread of germs for people to visiting the church.

How Portable Partitions Company Helped

The experts at Portable Partitions Company supplied a range of products to help the church separate certain areas.

Creating a one-way system.

To help the church create an effective one-way system, one of the products supplied was the Clearview Divider 360. This is a high-quality plexiglass transparent room divider which can be used to create social distancing. They could easily sanitize and store away this portable solution when it’s not in use.

The church room divider runs from the main entrance all the way through the middle of the church. This allowed a one-way system where guests would enter through the left side of the main entrance and exit through the right.

Separating the pews.

One of the key areas that needed separating was the church pews. The church didn’t have much space to create effective distancing on the sides, so they separated the pews to maintain enough distance between each row. The Clearview Freestanding Screen was recommended in this instance. They could place this singular freestanding protection screen on the ends of the pews. By using this, we could create a protective barrier between each pew.

Minimising contact points.

We recommended the Floor Standing Screen to protect staff and guests in areas of the church where direct contact is required. These standing screens with small cutouts enable users to pass items through them and serve various applications.

These room dividers provided helped to increase the safety for all worshippers. The use of transparent protection screens enables visitors to have a similar church experience and it enables them to pray in their own area.

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