Dividers & Partitions for Churches

Transform your place of worship, workplace, and community spaces. Discover the versatility of portable partitions in creating adaptable, inclusive, and dynamic environments for all.

If you are looking to create a quiet space for prayer in an office, enhance seasonal decorations with partition-based backdrops or divide spaces with room dividers for workshops, meetings, and gatherings, we can offer adaptable solutions for all places of worship.

To find the right room dividers for churches or any other place of worship, take a look at the range available below.

Our versatile worship space partitions and dividers are designed to assist places of worship in crafting adaptable, customisable areas. Portable Partitions offer several options to meet diverse requirements, such as establishing distinct prayer spaces, segmenting expansive sanctuaries, or arranging temporary meeting spaces.

Modular Walls

Tailored for use in places of worship, the Modular Wall system, also known as a modular room divider, provides a cost-effective solution with extensive customisable options. This versatile system allows for the creation of personalised privacy partitions for churches, mosques, temples and synagogues.

Modular Walls for schools


Room Dividers

The Room Divider 360 Folding Portable Partition can allow any place of worship to transform a large open space into smaller, more intimate areas for various activities. This flexibility can be invaluable for hosting multiple events or services simultaneously, such as prayer sessions, meetings, classes, or community gatherings. A folding room divider also gives the option to be stored away when not in use.

Room divider for place of worship


These innovative screens seamlessly interconnect, enabling you to effortlessly create partitions of virtually any desired length, thereby optimising the adaptability and utility of your religious spaces.



EverPanels offer an ideal solution for churches, mosques, temples and synagogues looking for versatile options. Create versatile displays and booths for various events such as seasonal exhibitions and religious gatherings.


Acoustic panels

Our acoustic screens and panels are ideal for places of worship and office cubicles. Soundproof room dividers reduce noise and enhance style with colourful custom designs. They can create a quiet, echo-free space for prayer at work.

For places of worship that incorporate live music or choirs, acoustic panels can create a more controlled acoustic environment. This allows musical performances to sound more balanced and harmonious, making it a more enjoyable experience for the congregation.


Hire Options

Did you know, you can now hire portable room dividers for churches ? Choose from Modular Walls, Screenflex Room Dividers, and Wicker Systems that can be suited to your religious setting.

Send us your hire requirements and we will come back to you with further information and quotes.

Discover how Portable Partitions can offer valuable support to various places of worship all year round. Contact us for further information.


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