Voting & Polling Booths

Whether you’re looking for dividers, privacy partitions, voting privacy screens or voting booths, we offer a versatile range of partitions and room dividers for voting and polling booths.

To find the right room dividers for your needs, take a look at the range available below, ensuring that your venue can offer an effective polling station in time for the UK General Election.

Voting & Polling Booths. Our adaptable polling station partitions and dividers support all election voting settings in creating private, flexible and customisable spaces. Portable Partitions provide practical and cost-effective solutions for individual voting booths. They can be used to divide larger rooms and halls when setting up temporary polling stations.

Modular Walls

The Modular Wall system (sometimes referred to as a modular room divider) is budget-friendly and offers complete customisation for polling booths. It opens up endless opportunities for creating electoral polling booths, enabling the voting public make their vote privately in any local elections or UK General Elections.

Modular Walls for schools


Room Dividers

The Room Divider 360 Folding Portable Partition is a highly favoured choice for settings looking to be used as a polling station. The freestanding room divider is highly practical and easily adapts for voting poll booth needs. It is the preferred choice for dividing spaces. A folding room divider also gives the option to be stored away when not in use.

Room Dividers for educational settings


These innovative screens seamlessly interconnect. These voting screens can enable you to effortlessly create partitions of virtually any desired length. Optimise the adaptability and utility of your polling station with Screenflex.

Screenflex Portable Partitions



Hire Options

We provide customisable hire options for polling booths. Modular Walls and Screenflex Room Dividers can be used in schools, village and church halls and sports venues acting as polling stations.

Send us your hire requirements and we will come back to you with further information and quotes.

Discover how Portable Partitions can offer valuable support to your venue throughout the year. Contact us for further information.

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