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EverPanel: The Instant and Portable Wall System

Looking for a quick and easy way to create partitions, offices, or event spaces? Look no further than EverPanel! Our instant and portable wall system make it easy to build any floor plan in minutes. Plus, our modular panels are...
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How Can EverPanels Benefit Schools?

With schools re-opening this week, the government has updated their guidance for reducing the transmission of coronavirus in schools. The introduction of new temporary measures aims to help manage the risks whilst also enabling high-quality face-to-face education for pupils. With...
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How EverPanels Can Help You Work More Effectively At Home

Following the recent government announcements in regards to ‘Plan B’, businesses in England are now re-introducing work from home measures in order to help curb the spread of viruses, such as the new Omicron variant. The new government guidance states...
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