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Case studies | Leonard Cheshire residential care company

Case studies | Leonard Cheshire residential care company

Creating a safer environment in care homes has always been an incredibly important focus at Portable Partitions Company. Our case study details how we provided COVID Mitigation Products for Residential Care Company, Leonard Cheshire.

Leonard Cheshire is a leading residential care company. With over 130 services across the UK, they provide the best possible care for people who live in their services. They also provide social care, supported living, registered care homes, skills training programmes, and advice.

They had already implemented social distancing procedures to maintain a safe environment within their services. In addition, they also wanted to ensure that their services were fully compliant with government guidelines.

To help relatives safely visit and continue with face to face visits, Leonard Cheshire reached out to Portable Partitions. The aim was to maximize safety for staff and residents to control germ spread. They wanted the recommended COVID mitigation products to aid social distancing and separation in areas or rooms that require spacing.

How Portable Partitions Company Helped

The specialists at Portable Partitions Company recommended a range of room dividers and protection screens. All of which could help make the company’s services COVID secure and to continue to provide the best social care.

Separating Entrances & Exits for Residents and Visitors

To help keep staff, residents and visitors socially distanced, we supplied the 360 Polycarbonate room divider. With a separated main entrance, visitors can enter the building from one side and staff and residents can enter from the other. The 360 Polycarbonate room divider created an effective barrier through the middle of the entrance and it’s flexibility meant that it could be rotated to suit various layouts.

Social Distancing in Meeting Rooms

In the meeting rooms where relatives can have face to face visits, Leonard Cheshire needed to maintain social distancing. We provided the Clearview freestanding partition screen. It provided a barrier between residents and visitors, enabling safer interaction. These protection screens excel in face-to-face visits because they effectively prevent the spread of germs and can be easily sanitised.

Creating a Safer Reception Area

To minimize contact points between staff, residents, and visitors, we fitted the reception area with COVID mitigation equipment. We provided desktop trip-panel screens which fit around the counter to form a protective shield between staff and visitor interactions. This tri-panel screen actively reduces the spread of airborne viruses and germs when people cough or sneeze. The panels also features a small opening at the bottom to enable transferring of items.

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