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Transform Your Venue into a Polling Station with Portable Partitions

Transform Your Venue into a Polling Station with Portable Partitions

As the UK General Election on July 4th approaches, venues across the country are preparing to become polling stations. Ensuring your venue can handle the influx of voters is essential. Portable Partitions Company offer a versatile range of room dividers, privacy partitions, voting privacy screens, and voting booths designed to meet the needs of any polling station.

Whether it’s a school, hall, church, or sports venue, our products offer practical and cost-effective solutions for creating private voting spaces. Here’s a look at our partitions and room dividers to help your venue set up an effective polling station for the election.

Voting & Polling Booths

Our adaptable polling station partitions support all voting settings, creating private, flexible, and customisable spaces. Portable Partitions offer practical, cost-effective solutions for individual booths, ideal for dividing larger rooms into temporary polling stations.

Modular Walls

The Modular Wall system, often referred to as a modular room divider, is a budget-friendly option that offers complete customisation for polling booths. These walls can create a varied arrangement of electoral polling booths, enabling voters to cast their ballots in privacy during local or UK General Elections.

Room Dividers

The Room Divider 360 Folding Portable Partition is a highly favoured choice for venues being used as polling stations. This freestanding room divider is practical and easily adapts to meet voting poll booth needs. It’s the preferred choice for dividing spaces, and you can conveniently fold and store it away when not in use.


Screenflex partitions are innovative screens that seamlessly interconnect, allowing you to create partitions of virtually any desired length. These voting screens enable you to optimise the adaptability and utility of your polling station.

Hire Options for Polling Stations

We understand that not every venue requires permanent partitions. That’s why we offer tailored hire options for polling booths. Our Modular Walls and Screenflex Room Dividers can be hired for schools, village and church halls, sports venues, and many other locations serving as polling stations.

Contact us for more information on our voting and polling booths for your polling station.

Discover how our Portable Partitions Company can support your venue throughout the election period and beyond. Send us your hire requirements, and we will provide further information and quotes tailored to your needs. Ensure your venue is ready to offer an effective and efficient polling station in time for the UK General Election on July 4th.

Learn more about purchasing or hiring voting booths for your polling station. Please send us a message here with your bespoke requirements or call us on 01684 219774.

You can view our full range of partitions and dividers here.

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