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Creating an optimum exam environment for students

Creating an optimum exam environment for students

The exam period for UK schools begins in May. This is the time of year when schools need to adapt their existing spaces and create the optimum exam environment for students, so they can sit their exams in a space that is large, quiet, and free from distraction. And we know that in most schools that can be a tricky task to undertake!

To support students during what can be a stressful time, our screens and room dividers can help to maintain focus and dull external noise.

Here is why introducing acoustic screens, modular screens and portable partitions to a school hall or school IT suite can benefit your students during exam time.

Screens and portable partitions allows more focus during exam time.

Some students will find it difficult to concentrate in an open plan space with lots of visual distractions. By using screens and portable partitions you can create an exam environment where students can fully concentrate while the rest of the school continues its normal day.

Acoustic panels and dividers reduces noise distractions.

Noise is another big distraction when in an exam. With break times, nearby sports lessons, or other external sounds filtering into the exam room, it can be hard to concentrate. Which is why acoustic dividers or panels can be really beneficial in reducing noise for students.

Desktop privacy panels to protect screens from prying eyes.

Exam time is not a time for students to share their work! If an exam is being undertaken in a computer suite where the desktops are close to each other, partitions can be added between each station to allow secure privacy, and also aid concentration as they also block out visual distractions.

Find out how Portable Partitions can help support schools during exam time. Get in touch with us on 01684 219990 or you can send us a message here with your bespoke requirements.

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