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Using Acoustic Panels Within the Home

Using Acoustic Panels Within the Home

Sound Stones Acoustic Panels

At Portable Partitions, we look to provide a diverse range of partitions that can be utilised within a multitude of domestic and commercial property types.

One of the most popular partition types that are commonly utilised within the home are our acoustic panels which have quickly gained population during the COVID pandemic as a functional way to improve the productivity and functionality of many home offices across the UK.

Read on to find out more about acoustic panels and how they can be utilised within the home.

What are Acoustic Panels?

Sound Stones acoustic panels

Sound Stones acoustic panels

Just like the name suggests, acoustic panels are partitions that serve to dampen the noise spillage of a room within the home while also mitigating reverberation and echo.

The acoustic panels function by making use of a top-of-the-market three-layer sound dampening system;

  • Layer One: The first layer is made up of durable acoustical fabric which can be customised for a variety of colours and brings aesthetic charm to any space.
  • Layer Two: The second layer is comprised of 100% recyclable 2000gram density nonwoven polyester which is not only incredibly efficient at dampening noise within the home, but is also entirely non-toxic and great for the environment!
  • Layer Three: The third layer is made up of rigid mineral board honeycomb which serves to trap

At Portable Partitions, we offer a range of products that make use of acoustic panels, whether you wish to place them on your wall to dampen noise across rooms, or use them as partitions to separate the audio of a single space, we have the perfect solution for you.

Browse our range of acoustic panels and partitions here.

Where Might I Use Acoustic Panels in The Home

Sound Stones acoustic panels

Sound Stones acoustic panels

The most popular locations around the home in which panels are used are those that see a good deal of noise and activity. In the wake of the pandemic where many were forced to work from home and struggled to properly noise-proof their space, our acoustic panels have seen a resurgence and have become a top choice for people looking to distance themselves from the day-to-day bustle of their home while working.

While home offices are the most common usage of panels, they can pretty much be used anywhere. Due to their range of colours and sizes they can be comfortably applied within any space without harming any of its aesthetic appeals.

If you’re unsure of whether panels can meet your noise-cancelling goals, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Portable Partitions team who will be able to further advise you.

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At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of acoustic panels, room dividers, office partitions and room dividers for the home. View our full range of panels.

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