Office Dividers & Partitions

Every workspace is different, which means that the type of partitions can vary depending on factors like the specific design, the needs of the workforce, and the overall office culture.

Modular walls and room dividers can offer numerous benefits. Portable Partitions thoughtfully consider each space individually to ensure that each and every partition aligns with the goals and the needs of any business and its employees.

Office Dividers & Partitions. Our adaptable workspace partitions and dividers support offices and factory settings in creating flexible, customisable spaces. Portable Partitions provide practical solutions for various needs, like creating meeting rooms, dividing large open plan areas, or setting up breakout spaces or quiet zones for prayer.

Modular Walls

The Modular Wall system (sometimes referred to as a modular room divider) offers complete customisation for a variety of workplaces. For example, these can be used any time for meeting spaces, departments requiring more privacy than others or team and individual training sessions.

Modular Walls for schools


Room Dividers

The freestanding Room Divider 360 Folding Portable Partition can be used to create a structured layout, designating different areas for specific departments or teams. This can make it easier for employees to locate colleagues and create a sense of order in the workspace.

Operable Wall Sliding Room Divider - Portable Partitions Company


These innovative office screens seamlessly interconnect, allowing you to effortlessly create partitions of virtually any desired length. This optimises the adaptability and utility of your workspaces.


EverPanels offer an ideal solution for larger offices looking for adaptable options. While partitions provide privacy, they can also be designed to include collaborative spaces or meeting areas. This balance between private and collaborative workspaces can help to foster teamwork and idea sharing.

 EverPanels for schools

Acoustic panels

Our acoustic screens and panels are a perfect fit for bustling work environments and office cubicles. Soundproof room dividers not only minimize sound disturbance but also add a touch of style with vibrant custom patterns. You can use them as partitions for desks to create both visual and auditory separation, or as decorative wall elements to reduce echoes.


Hire Options

We provide customisable hire options for Modular Walls, Screenflex Room Dividers, and Wicker Systems for any workplace setting.

Send us your hire requirements and we will come back to you with further information and quotes.

Discover how Portable Partitions can offer valuable support to offices and alternative workplaces all year round. Contact us for further information.

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