Gym Dividers & Partitions

Portable Partitions can provide versatile gym dividers and partitions solutions to optimise your space.

Gyms are dynamic spaces with diverse activities and classes. Portable Partitions offer the ability to adapt gym layouts swiftly, catering to various requirements. Modular walls can create separate workout zones for different fitness classes or create secluded areas for personal training sessions.


Dividers and partitions for gyms can also enhance functionality and aesthetics: Portable partitions not only optimise gym functionality but can also enhance its aesthetics and branding. Customisable room dividers with gym logos or motivational graphics contribute to the visual appeal, reinforcing the gym’s identity and atmosphere. Additionally, these partitions facilitate temporary event spaces, streamline equipment organisation, and promote member engagement, all while offering cost-effective and versatile solutions for gym owners.

Dividers and partitions for gyms can offer many benefits in several ways by providing flexibility, privacy, and organisation. To find the right gymnasium partitions for your workout space, take a look at the range available below.

Modular Walls

The Modular Wall system serves as the ideal gym divider wall. Use a modular wall system if your gym needs to create a space for one on one induction, workout planning and a space to use for general office work. These can be customised to fit any brand colour and aesthetic.


Room Dividers

The Room Divider 360 Folding Portable Partition can allow any workout space to transform a large open space into smaller, more intimate areas for various activities. This flexibility can be invaluable for hosting multiple events or classes simultaneously. A folding room divider also gives the option to be stored away when not in use.

Room divider for gym


Designing a break-out space for your clients to relax with friends after a workout with Everpanels is a fantastic idea. A gym break out space can be welcoming, comfortable, and conducive to socialising and unwinding.


Acoustic panels

Our acoustic screens and panels are ideal for gyms. Soundproof gym dividers reduce noise and enhance style with colourful custom designs. Gyms can be noisy places with the clanging of weights and loud music. Soundproofing in gyms can help contain and reduce noise in specific areas, making it easier for members to focus on their workouts or for instructors to conduct yoga, Pilates or meditation classes.


Hiring dividers and partitions

Did you know, you can now hire gym dividers? Choose from Modular Walls, Screenflex Room Dividers, and Wicker Systems that can be suited to your workout space.

Send us your hire requirements and we will come back to you with further information and quotes.

Discover how Portable Partitions can offer valuable support to any gym or workout space all year round. Contact us for further information.


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