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The Uses of Custom Printed Partitions in Office Spaces

The Uses of Custom Printed Partitions in Office Spaces

Offices are some of the most common environments in which partitions are used. The range of office partition products available from Portable Partitions are designed to seamlessly compliment any office space both functionally and aesthetically and are available in an assortment of colours and sizes.

Amidst the range of partition products available, one specific type has garnered much attention due to its ease of integration into office spaces, custom printed partitions, a partition that can be designed to show off any information or images you would like.

Read on to find out more about custom printed partitions and the benefits they offer to office spaces.


The most common use of custom printed partitions is to display branding from the business. Logos, straplines, and relevant images are commonly found on custom printed partitions and can personalise a drab office space and make it feel like a positive, functional environment.

If your office or business premises is client-facing, branding is a great way to instil your brand within your client’s memory and make yourself more memorable. The most notable example of branding being used within office premises is that of banks that have relevant colours and logos across their workstations making them infinitely more memorable.

Separation of Workspaces

Privacy is a big deal in an office, regardless of the actual size or populace of the space, there is always something going on and the constant bustle may make it difficult to focus for some members of the team.

Custom printed partitions look to separate space and provide a layer of privacy for individuals or specific teams. This can greatly boost productivity and instil a strong sense of teamwork within the office space.

Where custom printed partitions set themselves apart from regular partitions is that they can further be used within the office spaces to identify different teams. Large, open-floor offices especially tend to host an amalgamation of teams making it difficult to find the actual people you’re looking for. With the help of printed partitions, teams can be separated with the partitions also being used to identify their role.


Navigating a large office can be pretty challenging, especially for clients and visitors. Why not simplify it a little? Custom printed partitions can not only separate different parts of the office but can also serve as navigational prompts guiding people to the teams or facilities they’re looking for.

Due to the assortment of printing options available, a set of directions can easily be placed on a partition to help boost the functionality of the space and make it easier to navigate.

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