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Maintain Social Distancing in the Office with Room Dividers

Maintain Social Distancing in the Office with Room Dividers

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Following the outbreak of the Omicron variant, many companies in the UK have been reviewing their office working procedures and reinstating rules to help protect their staff. The government have also imposed rules on travel and wearing face masks in public, and as a result, many businesses are now also asking their staff to wear face masks again in public areas. The new government guidelines will also enforce wearing face masks in shops and on public transport.

This outbreak may impact the way staff work in office environments as many businesses had been relaxing these rules since the lockdown restrictions were lifted. While these relaxed restrictions had helped to ease office workers back into the working environment, the sudden reinstatement of these rules may affect the momentum that had been built up so far.

To help maintain this momentum, Portable Partitions Company provides a wide range of room partitions and office room dividers that can help with social distancing in your office workplace. By setting up room dividers in areas where staff may congregate and places with high traffic, you can create a physical barrier that keeps staff away from each other, even in smaller spaces.

How Can Portable Partitions Help?

At Portable Partitions Company, we understand the importance of maintaining productivity in the office, especially during this unprecedented outbreak. We offer an extensive range of room dividers that are ideal for maintaining social distancing in all types of environments, such as offices. We also provide a range of acoustic room dividers which provide sound-dampening benefits to aid with staff concentration and focus, in addition to social distancing.

Below are some of our recommended products for social distancing in the office:

Semi-Transparent Partition Screens

Semi-Transparent Partition Screen

Our high-quality range of Semi-Transparent Partition Screens is perfect for maintaining visibility while reducing the risks of spreading viruses and germs in close environments. Offices, in particular, can benefit from this room divider as they can be used to separate work desks and create dedicated office cubicles for employees. Not only can this help with social distancing, but it also adds a layer of privacy that can help employees to focus better and improve productivity. The transparent screen also enables light to come through which helps to make smaller spaces feel more open.

Here are a few more key benefits of our Semi-Transparent Partition Screen:

  • Features a transparent screen at the top of the partition
  • Ideal for use in offices to aid with social distancing
  • Very easy to clean and maintain

£981.75 (exc. VAT)


360 Polycarbonate Room Dividers

360 Polycarbonate

Our 360 Polycarbonate room dividers are perfect for use in large open spaces where dedicated rooms or separation between areas are required. For open-plan office spaces, the 360 Polycarbonate can be used to create a meeting room, separate teams for focused management, and for social distancing purposes. This room divider is lightweight, waterproof, and impact-resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Here are a few more benefits of our 360 Polycarbonate dividers:

  • Available in a range of height and length options
  • Choose from a variety of colours
  • Features a durable aluminium frame
  • Easy to clean and maintain

£687.50 – £2,125.00 (exc. VAT) 

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At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of room dividers and partitions for offices. View our range of COVID-19 protection products here.

If you have any questions about our office partitions, please get in touch with us on 01684 219774 or you can send us a message here with your bespoke requirements.

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