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How can Partitions & Dividers be used in Zoos?

How can Partitions & Dividers be used in Zoos?

An Image of a Monkey in a Zoo Grabbing a Leaf

Partitions are used in Zoos to create space between the animals and guests. Partitions can also help reduce aggression in animals, making zoos a safer space for guests who are visiting.

Zoo Education Centres

Portable Partitions are perfect for when creating education centres in your zoo. Partitions and Dividers are perfect for temporary and permanent centres, so no matter what your needs are we will have something for you.

Show Spaces

If you are needing to create space for shows in your zoo look no further than investing in partitions and room dividers to help create the perfect space, whether it be temporary or permanent. We offer a wide range or partitions and dividers, including ones where you can add your own custom image, making them perfect for any themed zoo show.

StraightWall Portable Partition (Custom Printed)

Image of a StraightWall Portable Partition with Trees as DecorationThe StraightWall Portable Partition (Custom Printed) is expandable and adjustable, making it perfect for any zoo space, whether it be a show, an enclosure or an education centre. What makes this portable partition even better is that you can customise the image printed on the partition to match your needs.

From £750.00

Room Divider 360 (Custom Printed)

An Image of a Portable Partition with Cartoon Words in Exclamation BubblesThe Room Divider 360 (Custom Printed) is our most popular room divider here at Portable Partitions Company. This room divider is versatile and is excellent value.

From £750.00

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