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How can Partitions & Dividers be used in Theme Parks?

How can Partitions & Dividers be used in Theme Parks?
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How Can Dividers be used in Theme Parks? It’s no secret that the use of Portable Partitions has become more popular in the theme park industry. Since COVID-19 restrictions eased and theme parks reopened, guests have increasingly used partitions to create space.

It is important that, as well as guests, employees feel safe while working. The feeling of safety and security will help to improve the productivity of workers. So, introducing Partitions and Dividers would be the perfect solution to make sure that all employees are comfortable while working.

Creating space in a theme park is important, especially since the pandemic. A lot of guests may not feel comfortable standing close to other guests, so dividers are helpful to encourage more people to visit a theme park due to the feeling of safety.

It is also important that guests also feel comfortable while on rides as well as walking around. To ensure higher levels of safety on theme park rides, the idea of installing a Partition will be the best option.

At Portable Partitions Company, we provide wall-mounted partitions and dividers for theme parks, allowing you to easily attach them to the wall. This is useful when you need partitions for queue lines or to block off areas.

If you would like to hire or buy one of our partitions or room dividers, Portable Partitions Company can help. Our specialists will be able to give you the best advice that will suit your needs and budget.

Screenflex WALLmount 

An Image of a Screenflex WALLMount in the Colour Brown

The Screenflex WALLmount room divider is the perfect modern solution for your room divider needs. They allow for more varied use as they do not have the limitation of having to be attached to the ceiling.

£1,108.80 – £3,405.60 (inc. VAT)

360 Polycarbonate

An Image of a Grey Coloured 360 Polycarbonate With a Plant Partially Showing in the Back

The 360 Polycarbonate partition is perfect for when you need a portable partition for outdoor use. These partitions are waterproof and impact resistant, which are perfect for Theme Park use.

£825.00 – £2,550.00 (inc. VAT)

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At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of office room dividers and partitions for exhibitions and eventsclassroom dividers and hospital room dividers and partitions.

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