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How Can EverPanels Benefit Schools?

How Can EverPanels Benefit Schools?

With schools re-opening this week, the government has updated their guidance for reducing the transmission of coronavirus in schools. The introduction of new temporary measures aims to help manage the risks whilst also enabling high-quality face-to-face education for pupils.

With the ongoing cases of Omicron, it’s important that schools are doing all they can to ensure that pupils and staff are able to teach and learn effectively in an environment that is as safe as possible with risks managed.

At Portable Partitions Company, we’ve recently introduced a new range of wall panels that can be used to create portable and permanent rooms with integrated receiver holes for running power and network cables. These interlocking wall panels will help create separate workspaces for both staff and pupils where social distancing is required. In addition to helping control the spread of viruses in school, these EverPanels are perfect for setting up displays, exhibits, and booths for a wide range of events and school exhibitions.

What are EverPanels?

Our new range of EverPanels are designed to offer a flexible and versatile solution for creating either portable or permanent rooms, workspaces, or they can also be used as residential dividers. The interlocking panels enable you to create a variety of spaces for different needs.

Each panel utilises a specialised frame system that is sandwiched in between fibreglass reinforced panels for extra durability. The great benefit of these panels is that they contain integrated receiver holes to accommodate for running power, network cables, and also connectors for connecting panels together.

As designed to be a flexible solution, these EverPanels are available in a variety of height and width configurations to suit your space requirements. These panels also meet the ASTM E84 Class C Fire Standards.

How Can EverPanels be used in Schools?

EverPanels can be used for a wide variety of applications and it’s particularly effective in schools. As staff will be at higher risk, ensuring that the staff rooms, classrooms, libraries, canteens, and office spaces are separated can help with managing the risks of transmitting viruses in smaller spaces.

For school applications, we provide a wide range of EverPanels which can be used to separate large open spaces like the hall, the reception, classrooms, and medical offices. Our trade show booth panels are very useful for creating booths, exhibits, and displays to promote artwork or projects around the school. Whereas the office partitions are perfect for setting up dedicated workspaces in a fast and efficient way.

Our EverPanel wall kits also have the option of accordion-style doors which further increases privacy for these separated areas, perfect for use in library spaces where dedicated learning zones or reading areas are required.

Below are some of the EverPanels we recommend for schools.

EverPanel – Individual Wall Panels

EverPanel Individual Wall Panel

  • Contains receiver holes for power and networking cables.
  • Utilises a specialised frame system that is sandwiched between fibreglass reinforced panels.
  • Ideal for separating large open spaces, like the school hall.

£52.90 – £516.35 (exc. VAT)

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EverPanel – Trade Show Booth

EverPanel Trade Show Booth

  • A modular wall panel system that enables quick setup of booths, exhibits, and displays for events, perfect for use in schools.
  • Utilises an intuitive interlocking system for ease of installation – no tools required.
  • Robust solution for creating portable backdrops, gallery walls, event dividers, and more.

£3,632.85 (exc. VAT)

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At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of partitions for schools and classroom dividers. Our new EverPanel range is suitable for use in school applications due to its versatility and flexibility. View our range of EverPanels here.

If you have any questions about our EverPanels, please get in touch with us on 01684 219774 or you can send us a message here with your bespoke requirements.

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