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EverPanel: The Instant and Portable Wall System

EverPanel: The Instant and Portable Wall System

Looking for a quick and easy way to create office partitions or event spaces? Look no further than EverPanel! Our instant and portable wall system make it easy to build any floor plan in minutes. Plus, our modular panels are available in a variety of different colours and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Installation is a breeze – just snap the panels together and you’re ready to go! So why wait? Get started with EverPanel today.

What are EverPanels?

EverPanels are modular, easy-to-install panels that can be used to create room dividers, instant offices, and partitions. EverPanels are available in a variety of different colours and sizes to suit the requirements of your space without compromising on quality or ease of construction.

At Portable Partitions Company, we offer an assortment of EverPanels which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating instant walls at schools, corporate offices, warehouses, exhibitions and events.

Why Choose EverPanels?

There are many reasons why you should choose EverPanels as your go-to wall system.

Firstly, EverPanels are incredibly versatile; they can be used for dividing spaces into individual rooms, creating offices or workspaces on the go, and partitioning large areas for events or exhibitions. Additionally, EverPanels are incredibly easy to install- you can have them up in minutes without any prior construction experience.

Finally, EverPanels are manufactured with high-quality materials which ensure that your walls will look great and last for years.

What’s Available in the EverPanel Range?

EverPanel offers a varied range of partition products that enable you to construct a partition solution that suits your exact requirements. At Portable Partitions Company, we supply a wide range of EverPanel room dividers.

Here are the main products from their range.

Individual Wall Panels

The standard panel size is four feet by eight feet, with a thickness of three-quarters of an inch. The panels are made from medium-density fiberboard with a laminate finish. All the panels have rounded corners and edges for safety and a clean look.

There are two types of wall panels available: solid and window. Solid wall panels are great for creating privacy or blocking out light, while window panels let in natural light and can make small spaces feel more open.

Wall Kits

When you need to divide space quickly and easily, EverPanels are the perfect solution. Our wall kits come with all the hardware you need to create a temporary partition in any location. Installation is simple – just place the EverPanel against the wall and screw it in. In minutes, you’ll have created a new space that can be used for anything from office partitions to event spaces.

There are many variations of wall kits, including simple walls, walls with doors, l-shaped walls, t-shaped walls, u-shaped rooms, cubicle walls, and trade show booth walls.

If you need something a little more specialised, these wall kits include all the pieces you need to build custom floor plans.

EverPanel Accessories

EverPanel also provides a range of accessories to use with the above products.

These accessories include:

  • Mounting Channels
  • Mounting Caps
  • Door Kits
  • Panel Connectors

Each of these accessories is easy to install and add functionality to your everPanels. For example, the panel connector allows you to join two or more panels together to create a longer wall.

View Our Range of EverPanel Room Dividers

If you’re looking for a highly configurable partition system that gives you the flexibility to set up bespoke floor plans, the EverPanels range provides everything you need and more.

Get in touch with our partition experts if you have any questions about our EverPanel products or if you have a bespoke requirement. Call us on 01684 219818 or you can send us an enquiry at

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