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Why Should You Hire Room Dividers for Events & Venues?

Why Should You Hire Room Dividers for Events & Venues?

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Although most of the COVID restrictions have now been lifted for events and venues, it’s still important to follow the government guidelines on operating safely, managing your staff, reducing the risks to customers, and also managing your facilities.

Room dividers act as a physical barrier and can help to reduce the risk of spreading viruses and germs at your event. These room dividers can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your venue and separate areas effectively. In situations with temporary events, hiring a room divider can be highly beneficial. It’s more cost-effective for short-term usage and it’s a scalable option depending on how many room dividers you need.

If you host events at venues, it’s important to consider hiring room dividers as they can help you manage your guests more effectively.

Benefits of Hiring Room Dividers

Hiring and buying room dividers both provide their own set of benefits and it’s ultimately down to your needs and application for the partitions. However, if you’re looking for temporary solutions for managing social distancing at events, hiring partitions is a good option.

Here are some of the main benefits of hiring a room divider:

  • It’s very cost-effective for short-term use – Hiring partitions is often a significantly cheaper solution if you don’t require partitions for long-term usage.
  • Flexible solutions – If you host events at different venues and you’re looking for flexible solutions to help you manage guests on an as-needed basis, you may benefit from hiring room dividers.
  • Everything you need is included – If you need to hire modular partitions, all of the necessary poles and feet will be included in the hire rate which makes it more convenient and cost-effective.

Portable Partitions Company provides a wide range of high-quality room dividers for hire. Below are some of our room dividers available for hire.

Screenflex Partitions

We’re a leading supplier of portable partitions and we have been hiring, selling, and installing Screenflex partitions since 1999. Our range of Freestanding Screenflex partitions are available in a wide range of configurations and can be set up in seconds. No assembly is required and you can also choose from a range of colours and fabrics.

Freestanding Screenflex

Benefits of the Screenflex

  • Features a high-quality fabric that boasts sound dampening qualities
  • Durable and robust with full-length aluminium hinges
  • A variety of heights and lengths for you to choose from
  • You can lock multiple freestanding Screenflex partitions together to form longer room dividers

£836.00 – £2,932.00 (exc. VAT)


Modular Walls

Proudly manufactured in the UK, our modular walls boast top-of-the-range sound dampening properties and is incredibly versatile. It can be easily configured in a variety of layouts without needing any tools. Whether you require office workstations or cubicle work areas, the modular wall is an affordable yet effective solution. When you hire our modular walls, we also include the required wall posts.

Modular Wall

Modular Wall

Benefits of the Modular Wall

 Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your space requirements

  • It’s our highest sound-dampening product
  • No tools are needed for assembly
  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes

 £133.10 – £250.80 (exc. VAT)


Contact Us to Hire Room Dividers & Partitions

We provide high-quality room dividers and protection screens that are manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. Our range of room partitions can help you separate spaces at your events in a cost-effective way. View our range of room dividers for hire here.

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