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What Do The New Government Guidelines Mean for the Safety of Schools?

What Do The New Government Guidelines Mean for the Safety of Schools?

Part of the recent government announcement on how the country is going to come out of lockdown stated that schools would be one of the first venues to be opened in order for the country to start to get back on its feet. As of March 8th, every student is planned to return to school, alongside teachers and other members of the school.

When schools returned previously, so-called “bubbles” were created, so children could learn and mix with fellow pupils. Large assemblies or collective worship should not include more than one group during things such as masses, with break and lunchtimes being staggered to keep bubbles apart. Ensuring these “distinct groups do not mix” makes it quicker and easier to identify contacts if a positive COVID case emerges or someone is showing symptoms. This again will be the case in schools as it is the best system for separation.

How can Portable Partitions Company Help Out Schools?

As schools are the most populated places that are being allowed to be open this early in the government’s plans, there will need to be an assured way in keeping students safe and protected against COVID-19. This is where we at Portable Partitions Company step in. Our range of partitions are fully customisable to any environment and are ideal for separating large gatherings, such as a school. Our room dividers and freestanding partitions will be sure to massively reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 if they are being used correctly of course. If you are interested in a couple our products, be sure to read on below.

Countertop Tri-Panel Screen

Ideal for teachers or receptionists within a school as this will keep them separated yet still within a reasonable distance away in order to talk or teach.

With our Countertop Tri-Panel Screens, it creates a protective safety barrier between students and the receptionist/teacher to help reduce the spread of infectious viruses and germs such as COVID.

Benefits of the Countertop Tri-Panel Screen:

  • Specifically designed to help reduce the spread of contagious airborne germs.
  • Easy to clean and sanitise.
  • Portable and easy to store when not in use.
  • Available in a range of options to suit your needs.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.

Polycarbonate COVID Cubicle

The Polycarbonate COVID Cubicle has been developed to enable places like schools to re-open with an extra level of safety as vaccinations and testing will be implemented into the schools themselves, our partitions are perfect for separating students and limiting the number of people they may encounter again to ensure their safety.

Benefits of the Polycarbonate COVID Cubicle:

  • The Polycarbonate COVID Cubicle is waterproof, lightweight, and impact-resistant material.
  • It maintains social distancing and privacy.
  • This partition is available in multiple different measurements and sizes.
  • Easy to store and portable.


Contact Us for Room Dividers & Partitions

We provide high-quality room dividers and protection screens that are manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. This is especially important when helping to ensure the safety of schools as the large gathering can be cause for concern, if handled incorrectly.

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