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Preparing Your Retail Shop with Partitions Ahead of Christmas

Preparing Your Retail Shop with Partitions Ahead of Christmas

Image of a retail shop during the Christmas period.

With Christmas on the horizon, many shoppers are now thinking about their Christmas shopping. According to a recent study on Statista, it’s estimated that footfall in retail parks will increase by 5.5% during the Christmas period in 2021. Buyer confidence is slowly returning so it’s important that retail shops are prepared ahead of the busy period this year.

If your retail shop currently doesn’t have any room dividers to manage the flow of customer traffic and keep busy areas separated, you could be putting your staff and customers at an increased risk of spreading viruses.

At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of high-quality room dividers and partitions solutions that are perfect for use in retail shops. Whether you need a custom-printed and branded partition or you are just looking to hire a partition just for the Christmas period, we have got you covered.

How Portable Partitions Can Help Your Retail Shop

Every retail shop has an area of commerce where staff and customers directly interact with each other so it’s important that at least this area is controlled and managed with the right solutions. During peak times, you may experience longer customer queues at the checkout area, as such, you will want to set up room dividers or partitions to help funnel your customers and maintain a level of separation between lines.

You will also want to protect your staff with countertop screens. These countertop solutions are transparent and they even come with openings at the bottom to allow for the transaction of items. Maintaining a physical barrier between staff and customers is likely to reduce the risks of spreading viruses and germs.

Below are some of our recommended countertop screens and partitions:

Countertop Tri-Panel Screen

Our high-quality range of countertop tri-panel screens helps create a protective barrier around a place of commerce where staff and customers may interact. Our countertop screens feature a robust acrylic screen to maintain transparency and also a choice of openings at the bottom to allow transferring of items. It’s also very easy to clean, maintain and store away when not in use.

Countertop Tri-Panel Screen

Benefits of the Countertop Tri-Panel Screen

  • Easily cleaned and sanitised with any common disinfectant
  • Boasts a sturdy, ‘no-tip’ solution that can also be fully collapsed for easy storage
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

£346.50 – £446.60 (exc. VAT)



Clearview Divider 360

Our range of Clearview Divider 360 room dividers feature clear plexiglass and are perfect for helping to maintain visibility whilst keeping customers separated. Available as either a standalone or connected room divider, this solution can be deployed at checkout areas to manage the queues, separate waiting areas, and or even to create a one-way system throughout your shop.

Clearview Divider 360

Benefits of the Room Divider 360:

  • The 360° hinge allows for flexible configurations and ease of storage
  • Provides a see-through barrier
  • Available in a variety of configurations to suit your retail shop
  • It’s a portable solution that is very easy to store when not in use

 £1,122.00 – £2,332.00 (exc. VAT)


Contact Us for Room Dividers & Partitions

We provide high-quality room dividers and protection screens that are manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. Our range of room partitions can help you separate your retail shop whilst also maintaining visibility. View our range of room dividers here.

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