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Photo Studio Gets Organised With Portable Partition Walls

Located in Malibu, Florida, the J. Paul Getty Museum exhibits a variety of ancient art and antiquities ranging from countries like Greece, Rome, and Etruria. The in-house photography studio (the Getty Villa) works to meticulously capture both the art and grounds on a regular basis. To add further flexibility to their photo studio, the museum sought a partition wall to divide the open space into two smaller spaces. A portable partition in particular was desired to accommodate various room sizes depending on scope and sizes of studio projects.

The team at the Getty Villa museum opted for several of our folding partition walls. The articulating panels on these partitions are connected via 360º rotating hinges, allowing a range of movement per panel. This provides a level of versatility not found on other portable partitions, which usually provide only 180º range of movement. The black acoustical fabric color was chosen to absorb light rather than reflect it, ensuring no interference with photo projects. The acoustical fabric also cuts down on excess room noise and eliminates echo, creating a more private environment so photographers can focus on projects with minimal distractions. The mobility of the partition walls lets the studio use them in any arrangement they desire. Bulky equipment is easy to hide behind a partition, if desired. The pushpin-accepting acoustical fabric allow signage or backdrops to be posted.



The photography studio is now able to utilise its space more efficiently thanks to its portable walls. Heavy and bulky photography equipment is now easier to store behind the walls, while the mobile nature of the dividers allows the team to change the room size as they see fit. In a busy photo studio, organisation is important, so be sure to check out our full selection of portable partition walls to maximize your space and creativity.