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Case studies | Northumberland County Council

Case studies | Northumberland County Council

Portable Partitions Company was approached with a request for partitions for Northumberland County Council. They required cost-effective and high-quality partitions to create additional space for staff and maximise the available space in their building.

Our experts provided the council with a variety of high-quality room divider partitions, crafted from premium materials, and ensured they were straightforward to install. The council expressed great satisfaction with the results, highlighting that the partitions effectively expanded the available space while maintaining both quality and appearance.

About Northumberland County Council

The Northumberland County Council is a unitary authority in North East England that employs over 12,500 staff. It offers various services to Northumberland County residents, such as education, social care, roads, waste management, and environmental health.

The council consists of elected councillors, each of whom represents a specific ward within the county. Councillors are elected by the public for four-year terms, with biennial elections.

How Portable Partitions Company Helped

After discussing the council’s needs, our experts recommended suitable partitions to meet their requirements. The council needed a solution that was flexible and allowed them to manipulate the space they need. We recommended a cost-effective solution that better aligns with their needs.

Portable Partitions Company provided the Council with high-quality, durable partitions that were easy to install and use. The partitions saved the Council money on office rental, furniture, and equipment costs.

“The service from start to finish has been brilliant, you guys were so helpful from the first call to request the partition helping me chose which option would be best for our needs and even offering a cheaper solution to the original item as it fit better with our delivery need.

Delivery was really good driver kept in contact and if the delivery wasn’t going to be when scheduled we were contacted and given a reason why. The partitions themselves are brilliant they allow us to use the open space in so many different ways now, so much so we ordered a second and are possibly looking at ordering more for our other sites.

We would highly recommend you guys to anyone, a really great all round service.”

– Jacci Burton, NCT Project Coordinator at Northumberland County Council.

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