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Manufacturers To Receive Funding Boost To Aid Recovery After COVID-19

Manufacturers To Receive Funding Boost To Aid Recovery After COVID-19

Whilst many sectors across the UK have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing industry has seen a significant reduction in capacities due to slower supply chains, fewer workers being available, and higher logistical costs. To help alleviate the stress on the manufacturing industry, the European Regional Development Fund is funding the ‘Manufacturing Growth Programme’ which is delivered by Oxford Innovation Services.

This programme aims to help small to medium-sized manufacturers across Greater Birmingham to recover from the pandemic by providing grants. These grants have been extended until December 2022 and they will provide a further 2,800 companies access to grants and industry experts. In addition to this, Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership have decided to inject an allocation of £500,000 for businesses that it supports.


How Can This Grant Help My Manufacturing Business?

SME manufacturers in Greater Birmingham are encouraged to apply for this grant as it can offer funding to help them recover from the effects of the pandemic. These grants are available to help you co-fund your business growth and improvement projects.

In addition to the grant funding, the programme also provides an independent review for your business to identify areas for business improvement and growth. A detailed plan can also be provided to guide you through the process of business improvement and you will also have access to industry experts who can provide consultancy or coaching.

By obtaining this grant funding, your SME manufacturing business will have support to improve and grow. A part of your business improvement plan should be assessing how you can make your workplace a safer and more hygienic environment for your staff and customers. It’s essential that your manufacturing business has the right measures in place to after the COVID-19 lockdown to reduce the chances of spreading viruses and germs.

At Portable Partitions Company, we provide high-quality solutions for helping your business to comply with government guidelines and social distancing rules. Our room dividers can help you separate open spaces and maintain distance between areas where interaction is common. With our room dividers, you can partition certain workstations to manage your staff and keep contact to a minimum.

View our recommended range of room dividers below.


360 Polycarbonate Room Divider

For effective room division and space management, we highly recommend our 360 Polycarbonate room dividers as they provide a wide range of benefits for manufacturers. This room divider is lightweight, waterproof, and impact resistant which makes it perfect for use in factories and workspaces. The translucent polycarbonate core enables staff to maintain interaction without compromising social distancing.

Benefits of our 360 Polycarbonate:

360 Polycarbonate Room Divider

  • Lightweight, waterproof, and impact resistant.
  • Manufactured with a translucent core and a durable aluminium frame.
  • Polycarbonate panels are fire retardant.
  • Suitable for any indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easily cleaned and sanitised with any common disinfectant.


Modular Wall

 A cost-effective yet fully customisable room partition system, our Modular Walls are highly recommended for separating workspaces and creating work cubicles. For manufacturing workplaces, these modular walls can be customised to fit a wide range of workspaces. These walls require modular wall posts which can be found here.

Benefits of our Modular Wall:

Modular Wall

Modular Wall

Fully customisable layouts and very cost-effective.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • A variety of colour and design options available.
  • Very simple and easy to set up and install.
  • Manufactured in the UK to the highest European Standards.

Our range of portable partitions can help make your factoty environment safer. The government has provided guidance for those who run offices, factories, and laboratories and they recommend the use of partitions. Learn more here.

Contact Us for Partitions for Manufacturers

For manufacturers that are looking for solutions to make their premise safer and to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we provide a range of COVID-19 mitigation products that can help keep your workplace safer and hygienic.

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