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Keeping Your School Safe with Custom Printed Room Dividers

Keeping Your School Safe with Custom Printed Room Dividers

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With schools now being back in action and welcoming pupils once again, it’s essential that schools are taking precautions to keep students and teachers safe. Education is a fundamental part of life and being able to continue providing students with knowledge in a safe environment is more important than ever.

According to a recent study by the ONS, they found that 1 in 14 secondary school-age children had coronavirus towards the end of September 2021. This was a significant increase from the previous week which was an estimated 1 in 20. This emphasises the importance of taking the right measures in order to keep your school as safe as possible.

At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of custom printed and branded partitioning solutions that can help you maintain social distancing in your school. Our custom partitions enable you to choose from a variety of designs or we can print your own designs.

Benefits of Custom Printed Room Dividers

Not only are these custom printed room dividers great for managing busy areas in the school and helping with social distancing measures, but they can be customised to suit your branding requirements. They work just like your regular room dividers, but with the added benefit of personalisation and being able to choose from a wide range of design options.

Here are a few more key benefits of branded partitions:

  • High-quality, yet lightweight and portable
  • Can be used for other applications if social distancing measures are already in place
  • Feature your brand and messaging
  • Helps to provide more privacy by separating areas

Below are our recommended custom printed room dividers for schools.

Room Divider 360 (Custom Printed)

The Room Divider 360 is our most popular partition product and now it’s available with custom printing. Just like our standard divider, it’s a robust and versatile solution with a patented 360° hinge to enable flexible configurations. Choose from a variety of height and length options, in addition to a custom print.

Room Divider 360 (Custom Printed)

Benefits of the Room Divider 360 (Custom Printed)

  • Proudly manufactured in the UK
  • Features a patented 360° hinge for flexible configurations and safety
  • Ideal for use in schools where large spaces may need dividing to maintain social distancing
  • Our room divider 360 products arrive fully assembled

£625.00 – £2,437.50 (exc. VAT)


Modular Wall (Custom Printed)

Our custom printed range of Modular Walls provide a very cost-effective solution for creating separation in classrooms, learning spaces, exam halls, and more. These modular walls enable you to create separate workstations and cubicle areas for students, with the added benefit of having custom design walls. This product does require Modular Wall Posts.

Modular Wall - Printed with windows

Modular Wall (Custom Printed)

Benefits of the Modular Wall (Custom Printed)

  • A very cost-effective way of creating a customised workspace or cubicle area
  • Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your school space
  • An easy-to-install system
  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes

£121.00 – £228.00 (exc. VAT)

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We provide high-quality room dividers and protection screens that are manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. Our range of room partitions can help you separate spaces in your school while also promoting your brand and messaging. View our range of room dividers here.

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