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Increase Office Productivity with Acoustic Partitions & Dividers

Increase Office Productivity with Acoustic Partitions & Dividers

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With the majority of the UK workers now back at work, it’s important that employee productivity is maintained so that your business continues to operate effectively. In office environments, there are many ways you can increase productivity and ease the transition back into the office from home working.

Office partitions and dividers are one of the most effective ways of improving employee concentration and at Portable Partitions Company, we provide an extensive range of high-quality room dividers and partitions that are perfect for use in office environments and creating separate spaces for your staff to work in.

In this article, we’ll go through some of our recommended partition products to improve productivity in the office.

How Can Acoustic Partitions Benefit Offices?

Acoustic partitions have excellent sound-dampening properties and they also provide an enhanced level of privacy for your employees. More privacy and fewer distractions mean more focused and concentrated employees. Although open-plan office layouts had been a popular design trend as they had been seen to help with increasing communication, it’s actually not always the case. The acoustics of the room would mean that noise levels would also be much higher. This causes distractions and can lead to employees losing focus on their tasks.

In addition to the noise reduction and privacy benefits, these partitions also help with reducing the risk of spreading viruses and germs in the office. Partitions are ideal for maintaining distancing measures in smaller spaces and you can use these dividers to create dedicated cubicles for your employees to work in. This also helps to minimise direct contact between employees.

Below are some of our recommended products for improving productivity in the office.

Mobile Office Divider Plus

Our high-performance range of office dividers, the mobile office divider plus features instant sound dampening and privacy enhancement benefits for your office environment. Featuring a polycarbonate window, this is an excellent solution for setting up quick cubicles and separating workstations while maintaining a level of visibility. The acoustical fibreglass panels provide excellent sound dampening whilst the fabric panels are also fully tackable so you can pin items to the divider.

Mobile Office Divider Plus

Mobile Office Divider Plus

Benefits of the Mobile Office Divider Plus

  • High-performance office dividers with sound dampening and privacy benefits
  • Available in a variety of colours and designs
  • Customisable base for the divider, either with wheels or a flat foot
  • Features an aluminium frame for increased durability

£478.50 – £550.00 (exc. VAT)

AffordWall Articulated (Custom Printed)

If you’re after a customised and bespoke partition solution for your office, our AffordWall Articulated dividers offer the perfect solution. It’s a three-panel partition that is connected with patented 360-degree hinges so that you can either position the divider in a straight line or it can be folded to suit all types of layouts. The partition is available in a variety of heights and each panel is also wrapped with acoustical and flame retardant fabric to increase sound dampening and durability.

AffordWall Articulated

AffordWall Articulated

Benefits of the AffordWall Articulated:

  • Allows for flexible configurations and ease of storage due to the patented hinge design
  • The acoustical and flame retardant fabric improves sound dampening
  • Increases durability with an aluminium frame
  • Available in a variety of heights to suit all types of applications

£450.00 – £792.00 (exc. VAT)


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