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How Room Dividers Can Help Out During a Funeral Service

How Room Dividers Can Help Out During a Funeral Service

On Tuesday 23rd February, the First Minister made an announcement in Parliament outlining a road map out of lockdown. In terms of funerals this first stage has not made any immediate impact on the restrictions affecting funeral services.

Current guidance is that up to 20 people can attend a service at crematoria across the UK. Each crematorium and burial authority have their own guidance and rules for funeral services. During arrangements, the government can provide you with the most up to date guidance from your preferred service location. Government advice on social distancing should always be followed during funeral services. Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 should be attending funerals!

How Can Portable Partitions Company Help with a Funeral Service? 


We at Portable Partitions Company, have a range of room dividers and partitions that will be sure to ensure the few that can attend these funerals are constantly at a safe distance apart if they are not apart of the same household. Now, religious services will still go ahead in places of worship with up to 20 people (including the priest/minister) with social distancing measures and guidance in place, the funeral director can provide further information on this at the time of arrangement.

Our partitions will make social distancing much easier, especially when at a funeral, your main concern should be the close family of the recently passed individual and more so, the individual themselves, as it is their funeral. Read on below to have a look at some of our room dividers and partitions that would suit a funeral service.

 Room Divider 360

The Room Divider 360 is our most popular room divider. Manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. The room divider is highly robust, incredibly adaptable and extremely good value for money.

The Room Divider 360 will be a dignified way to allow people to glance at the recently deceased, without crowding together around a coffin and causing potentially fatal harm to themselves.

Benefits of the Room Divider 360:

  • This partition features a fully tackable, noise-reducing surface.
  • Easy to move and transport.
  • Each panel can turn 360°
  • Easy to store.
  • Has patented no-pinch seams between each panel also reduce the possibility of fingers getting pinched.


 Clearview Divider 360

Our Clearview Divider 360 screens are ideal for infection control and reducing the spread of contagious airborne viruses as they create a physical barrier.

For large-scale venues that have large open areas that need separating which would be a church conducting a funeral service. Our clearview dividers are available in a variety of panel configurations to suit your needs.

Benefits of the Clearview Divider 360:

  • Clear plexiglass screens to maintain visibility whilst helping to reduce spreading airborne germs.
  • Easy to maintain, clean, and sanitise.
  • The divider is portable, simple to set up, and easy to store away.
  • Can be re-used as room dividers for other applications after or during pandemic use.

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 At Portable Partition Company we, provide high-quality room dividers and protection screens that are manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. Our room dividers and partitions will increase the level of safety at any gathering, especially at a funeral service.

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