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How Room Divider 360 Portable Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Healthcare

How Room Divider 360 Portable Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Healthcare

Portable Partitions Company has a Room Divider 360 that can protect Healthcare and Other Key Workers.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest European Standard, the portable partitions protect patients, staff and visitors the opportunity to reduce germs going through the hospital.

Here at Portable Partitions Company, we’re fortunate enough to stock one of the world’s leading portable partition which is a product that can assist lower the safety risk of health care workers and their patients passing on viral infections. This portable partition is intended to provide security and comfort for employees and the patients within the medical environment.

The Room Divider 360

Set up in just a couple of seconds, this divider is available in any combination of heights and lengths which help health care workers get the equipment they desperately need. The room dividers form protection to help avoid direct physical spread of COVID-19, especially needed in this serious time.

The different sizes of Room Divider 360 still give staff and patients the social distancing that the Prime Minister has instructed us to keep during the pandemic. Available in a collection of colours and materials to suit your environment. This effective room divider is ideal for many different businesses that are under the essential bracket and remain open during this unparalleled time including schools, pharmacies, GP services and factories

According to the pharmacists and GP’s who have had chance to try the Room Divider 360, the invention provides safety for the staff and the patients. One GP told us ‘’The Room Divider 360 allows the staff feel a lot more protected when at work and when they treat patients and for the patients it gives them the peace of mind about other patients in the practise whilst COVID-19 is affecting us.’’

The Room Divider 360 features:

  • Noise reducing surface
  • The Room Divider 360 hinge allows each panel to turn in any direction.
  • Full panel end member, which increases acoustical properties by trapping sound.
  • The Room Divider 360 arrives fully assembled.
  • Available in a range of heights and lengths
  • Aluminium panel frame is joined through a sturdy aluminium corner joint.

This high quality room divider will increasingly lower the safety risk for employees and patients during this crisis. Medical facilities can receive the Room Divider 360 next day as the partition is made here at our base in Tewkesbury and can be at the hospital the next day.

Contact us for a Room Divider 360 for your medical facility to help stop spread of COVID-19

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