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How Place of Worships Can Benefit from Portable Partitions

How Place of Worships Can Benefit from Portable Partitions

We have received plenty of demand for our portable partitions from places of worship since the government announced that people could go back to their place of worship on Monday 15th June. They have announced that people must not mingle in a group of more than 6, stagger entry times and adapting practises to reduce the spread of the virus. These are all measures that religious leaders must put into practise to ensure that all of the visitors are safe. The new NHS test and trace mobile app, can help places of worship reduce the spread of COVID-19, visitors will check in using a QR code that the religious leader will have to provide. It is also law to wear face coverings in the building. Our range of portable partitions can help places of worship control the spread of the virus, separating visitors in the building.

How Can Room Partitions & Protection Screens Help Fight COVID-19 in Places of Worship?

Here at Portable Partitions Company, we supply an extensive range of effective COVID-19 protection screens and room dividers. With our protective screens, you can create a barrier between worshipers, which will reduce the spread of the virus. In effect, this minimises contact and reduces the chances of transmission between visitors. This is a vital way that places of worship can still be operational by putting all of the essential rules in place to comply with the new government rules.

Our room dividers can increase the safety for all worshippers. Using transparent partitions will give visitors a safe experience in their place of worship. Visitors can have their own time and area to pray without feeling unsafe in their surroundings.

Clearview Treatment Screen

Our Clearview Treatment Screen is perfect for a place of worship, they can separate the worshippers while also giving them some privacy when praying. The screen is built to reduce the spread of airborne germs which includes COVID-19, commonly spread by coughing and sneezing.

Clearview Treatment Screen

For visitor safety, these Clearview Treatment Screens are an effective solution for maintaining social distancing and reducing the chances of spreading viruses and germs.

 Benefits of Clearview Treatment Screens:

  • Creates a protective shield to separate customers and staff.
  • Bottom half of the screen is translucent to provide extra privacy for customers while enjoying the film.
  • Robust and very easy to install.
  • Easily sanitised and cleaned with common disinfectant.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.

Covered Barricade

The covered barricade is an ideal way to implement social distancing within a place of worship , giving visitors an idea of how far away they should be while they’re praying.

  • POWER COATED steel barricade is rust resistant meaning that it’s durable for constant use.

    Covered Barricade

    • Available in a range of sizes, designs and materials.
    • £90.00 (exc. VAT)
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