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How Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Hospitals

How Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Hospitals

COVID-19 has affected many people’s lives and will continue have a huge impact on the NHS who is in coming under huge amounts of stress. They’re stretched like never before and need more equipment to help fight the spread of Coronavirus through hospitals. Portable Partitions can help stop patients coming into contact with each and spreading Coronavirus. They’re an effective way to give patients some social distancing.

Why is separation important in Hospitals?

The Prime Minister has put a real focus on social distancing with people needing to be 2 metres apart at all times. The importance of separation is how Coronavirus spreads, from person to person contact. Similar to other diseases and viruses, COVID-19 can be passed on to another person without showing any symptoms. This doesn’t change just because the people affected are in a hospital environment. Viruses can spread through a hospital even though there are many safety precautions to stop the circulation of COVID-19. Our portable partitions will help create this social distancing between patients.

Medical Staff

It is important in a medical facility that you don’t only focus on patients who are infected with the virus; however we need to protect everyone around them as well. First and foremost the medical staffs, working in hospitals needs to make sure they’re safe and protect them from catching the Coronavirus. In a pandemic the NHS workers on the front line are our priority as there is no one to treat patients if they’re self-isolating. However, the NHS workers are most at risk because they’re around it every day. Room Dividers can help reduce the chances of the staff catching the viral infection, as you can separate the medical staff treating the patients suffering from the virus with the other medical staff treating other medical problems.

Hospital Guests and Visitors

Many friends and family will want to visit their relatives with COVID-19 in hospital during their time in hospital. However, they’re then at risk of catching the virus, this is why medical room dividers are effective to make sure their loved ones don’t catch the disease. We must not forget the people in hospitals that don’t have the Coronavirus, however, do have another infectious disease, a medical portable partition between patients has never been more important.

The partitions should be wiped down every day the remove the amount of germs that will get onto the room divider from others touching the partition. It’s very easy for dust particles to stick on the divider passing viral infection on.

Are you in the NHS but need some more partitions for a short period of time ; we now hire portable partitions out which can help to fight COVID-19.

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