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How Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Homes

Corona Virus has been a huge part of people’s lives all over the world. It has had a huge influence on people’s livelihoods forcing people to work at home when possible. Some people may be worried about their partner or family member having to go to work and then coming into the house spreading germs. Or maybe you have an elderly relative you live with that you don’t want to infect? If you’re worried about this, then a room divider may be beneficial for you.

Homes can be a dangerous place when it comes to the COVID-19 Virus because if you have someone in your house that does a public facing job e.g. a nurse then they could easily bring the virus back into the home especially if there is older relatives living with you. Therefore it’s crucial that they rigorously wash their hands when they come into the house. If you have further worries about them bringing the virus into the home then a room divider could be an effective way to stop the spread.

If you have both small children and elderly relatives living the same roof, the health organisations have stated that you should keep them away from each other. A room divider which could separate the children’s play area to the living room, this would be beneficial in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Every little helps when it comes to this unprecedented event.

In the event of a family member be diagnosed with the virus, a partition would be an effective way of you not catching it off them. You may think that you will easily catch it from them, however keeping your social distance of 2 metres is essential. Even though you would have to self-isolate you would still be protected from the virus. A room divider can make this task a little easier with the rest of the family not being able to access them; however, the communication is still open between family members.

The partitions should be wiped down every day the remove the amount of germs that will get onto the room divider from others touching the partition. It’s very easy for dust particles to stick on the divider passing the virus on.

Have you got one of these problems that we have discussed in the blog post? Maybe you may only need a portable partition for a certain period of time; we now hire our portable partitions out which can help to fight COVID-19.


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