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How Partitions Can Keep Customers Safe At Bowling Alleys

How Partitions Can Keep Customers Safe At Bowling Alleys

Bowling Alleys have have it tough  over the last 6 months with them being one of the last businesses to open post COVID-19 lockdown. It has been frustrating, however, necessary because of the level of risk. The industry was supposed to open on the 1st August; however, this was delayed because of a rise of infections. To keep your customers safe, you should implement portable partitions between the individual alleys, allowing your customers to feel safe.

How Can Room Partitions & Protection Screens Help Bowling Alleys Keep Their Customers Safe 

Portable Partitions Company deliver a variety of first-class COVID-19 protection screens and room dividers for all industries. The protection screens can create an obstacle between each party, which will reduce the spread of the virus across the bowling complex. This reduces potential contact and minimises the odds of transmission. This is important for a high-risk environment like a bowling complex.

Our room dividers can improve the safety for both staff and customers. Utilising partitions can allow parties to come to the bowling complex without feeling like they’re being shut off from the rest of the customers. The transparent dividers can make sure that people can communicate safely, while reassuring customers that they’re in a safe environment. You could also use the transparent screens for separating customers and staff in communal areas like the bar. Staff can interact with customers effectively giving them efficient  customer service without spreading the virus.

View our recommended range of room dividers below to help make your bowling complex COVID-19 safe.

Countertop Tri-Panel Screen

Countertop Tri-Panel Screen

An essential piece of protective equipment that we highly recommend is the Countertop Tri-Panel Screen. This creates a protective shield around your reception area where your staff will be required to directly interact with customers. Not only do these screens offer your staff assurance on improved hygiene, but your customers will also feel safer. These screens are very easy to clean so it’s important to keep these screens cleaned frequently to further reduce the chances of infection.

Benefits of our Countertop Screens:

  • Countertop Tri-Panel Screen
  • Robust, yet easy to install.
  • Offers a variety of opening styles at the bottom of the screen.
  • Designed to help reduce the spread of airborne and contagious viruses and germs through coughing or sneezing.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Easily cleaned and sanitised with any common disinfectant.

Clearview Divider 360

Clearview Divider 360

The Clearview Divider 360 is a robust and flexible solution for maintaining visibility whilst also helping to maintain social distancing measures inside your business. These high-quality dividers can help reduce the spread of contagious and airborne germs and viruses, commonly transmitted through coughing or sneezing. These screens are ideal for a wide range of shops, schools, offices, dental practices, GP practices, and veterinary practices.

Benefits of Clearview Divider 360

  • Clear & high-quality Plexiglass dividers.
  • Available as 3, 5, 7 and 9-panel units.
  • 6’+ in height shielding the average person while standing.
  • A perfect see-through barrier.
  • Portable and easy to store.

Contact Us for Leisure Portable Partitions

If you’re looking for room dividers or room partitions to help maintain social distancing in your leisure facility, then please get in touch with us. We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality room dividers for schools that are easy to set up, maintain, and store. Look at our Screen Flex FreestandingRoom Divider 360 and our Modular Wall Systems which can all be used to create distancing and reduce the spread of the virus.

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