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How EverPanels Can Help You Work More Effectively At Home

How EverPanels Can Help You Work More Effectively At Home

Following the recent government announcements in regards to ‘Plan B’, businesses in England are now re-introducing work from home measures in order to help curb the spread of viruses, such as the new Omicron variant.

The new government guidance states that office workers who are able to work from home, should do so and we’re already seeing an immediate impact due to this. Many people have just gotten used to being back in the office environment but now they will be working from home once again. As a result, productivity may be reduced for a while until people get used to working from home again.

For those who are now working at home but prefer the office environment, whether it’s due to fewer distractions, having a dedicated workspace, or just having a separation from home, Portable Partitions Company can help you work more effectively at home.

We’re introducing our brand-new range of portable room dividers, the EverPanel, which provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for setting up a dedicated workspace at home.

Benefits of the EverPanel

Our new range of EverPanels boasts interlocking wall panels which can be connected together in order to create portable and permanent rooms. You can use these panels to create a variety of spaces, such as offices and cubicles in your home. If you have family members at home, it can be useful to have a dedicated workspace where you can concentrate on work and have uninterrupted meetings. These innovative panels are perfect for setting up a work environment at home so that you can get the separation you need.

The EverPanel utilises a specialised frame system that is sandwiched between fibreglass reinforced panels. Within these panels are integrated receiver holes for running power and networking cables which complete the home office setup with everything you need.

Whether you require a dedicated office space at home, a separated cubicle in your garage, or a solution for partitioning certain areas of your home, our EverPanels provide a very cost-effective, flexible, and versatile solution.


Here are a few more key benefits of our EverPanels:

  • Provides an easy, portable, and flexible solution for creating partitions
  • Incorporates integrated cable slots for power, networking, and plumbing requirements
  • Available in a range of height, width, and colour options
  • Our panels meet the ASTM E84 Class C Fire Standards

View our range of EverPanels here.

Contact Us for EverPanel Portable Room Dividers

At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of room dividers and partitions. Our new EverPanel range is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications due to its versatility and flexibility.

If you have any questions about our EverPanels, please get in touch with us on 01684 219774 or you can send us a message here with your bespoke requirements.

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