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How Can Portable Partitions Help Car Showrooms Open Safely After Lockdown?

How Can Portable Partitions Help Car Showrooms Open Safely After Lockdown?

External car showroom image. Portable Partitions can be used to help divide space in car showrooms.

Following the government roadmap to easing the lockdown restrictions, all non-essential retail has been allowed to reopen on 12th April 2021, including car dealerships and car showrooms (other than for rental). Safety measures will need to be in place in order for non-essential retail businesses to reopen and face masks are still a requirement for shops.

For car showrooms, in particular, customers will be walking into their premises and potentially taking test drives. As such, there need to be the right safety measures in place to minimise contact between people.

In addition to the government guidelines for safe re-opening, you can go a step further in maintaining safety at your car dealership or showroom by implementing portable partitions and room dividers.

How Can Portable Partitions Company Help?

At Portable Partitions Company, our team of experts are here to help you make your car showroom safer. We do more than just supply portable partitions and room dividers; we can carry out safety assessments at your dealership in order to determine which solutions will help you meet the safety requirements.

We provide an incredible range of room dividers, protection screens and barriers, so we’re confident that we can help you find the right solutions for your needs. View our range of recommended products below for car dealerships and showrooms.

Clearview Divider 360

Clearview Divider 360

We recommend our range of Clearview Divider 360 partitions as they provide a flexible solution for maintaining social distancing in your showroom whilst also minimising contact between customers. Our Clearview Dividers are available in a range of panel configurations from 3 panels to 9 panels, enabling you to create an effective one-way system throughout your showroom. Safely navigate customers around your dealership and reduce the spread of germs and viruses (including COVID-19) with our transparent room dividers.

Benefits of our Clearview Divider 360:

  • Suitable for use as a standalone or connected unit.
  • Available in a range of panel configurations.
  • High-quality plexiglass provides a line of defence against the spread of germs and viruses.
  • Easy to clean and sanitise.
  • A transparent barrier, perfect for use in car showrooms and dealerships.

Price: £1,122.00 – £2,332.00 (exc. VAT)  

Countertop Single Screen

Countertop Single Screen

Our range of countertop single screens provide an effective barrier between staff and customers at reception or service desks. When customers walk into the dealership, they will be greeted by someone at the reception desk and it’s important that this area is protected from airborne germs and viruses that are commonly spread via coughing or sneezing. These countertop screens are also available with a small window at the bottom to enable transactions if needed.

Benefits of our Countertop Single Screens:

  • Sturdy ‘no-tip’ solution.
  • Can be easily clean and sanitised.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

Price: £107.25 – £238.70 (exc. VAT)

Contact Us for Room Dividers & Partitions for Car Showrooms

We provide excellent-quality room dividers and protection screens that are manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. Our range of COVID mitigation products can help your car dealership or showroom maintain social distancing. With our room dividers, you can partition certain areas to manage your staff and keep contact between customers to a minimal. View our range of COVID-19 protection products here.

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