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How can Partitions & Dividers be used in a Music Studio?

How can Partitions & Dividers be used in a Music Studio?

A Music Studio With Purple Lighting Above and White Panels on the Wall

Since the coronavirus pandemic the use of portable partitions and room dividers has increased due to people wanting to stay safer. Music Studios are no exception to this. It’s very important that singers and performers don’t catch the virus, and this is where are Partitions and Dividers come in.

Partitions and Dividers are the best solution to make your studio the safest it can be and the most practical it can be. The best thing is that at Portable Partitions Company we can accommodate for any size studio, meaning that your options with us are endless.

What are the Benefits of Partitions in Music Studios?

The main benefit of partitions in a Music Studio is that it helps with any social distancing measures that may be in place. Having partitions in place will make people feel safer while recording in a studio with other people around.

Another benefit of having partitions in your Music Studio is being able to achieve higher quality vocal recordings. Partitions can help reduce outside noises and produce much more clearer vocals without any distractions or faults.

Our Sound Stones Acoustic Panels are a great solution for reducing noise, while making your room look good at the same time. Our panels come in a variety of sizes allowing you to style your studio in a variety of ways. It is simple to eliminate excess room noise and reverberations with these affordable panels.

Privacy Screen

A Privacy Screen Folded into Three SectionsThe Privacy Screen is the perfect solution for enhancing sound in your music studio. This screen can be used as an acoustic shell, making it perfect for any recording needs.

From £483.00

Room Divider 360

A Blue Room Divider 360 with wheelsThe Room Divider 360 is our most popular room divider for a reason. It’s perfect for any use and is highly versatile and really good value.

From £750.00

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At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of room dividers and partitions for exhibitions and events, classroom dividers and hospital room dividers and partitions.

If you have any questions about our partitions, please get in touch with us on 01684 219774 or you can send us a message here with your bespoke requirements.

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