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How Can Fabric Partitions Improve Learning In School?

How Can Fabric Partitions Improve Learning In School?

When it comes to creating an optimal learning environment in a school, there are many different factors that need to be considered. One of the most important aspects is ensuring that students and educators can collaborate easily and freely. This can be achieved through the use of fabric partitions and classroom dividers.

These fabric dividers can be used to pin essential information, which will help improve knowledge sharing for all students. They also have sound-dampening properties, which will help pupils to focus on their work.

The Applications of Fabric Partitions in Schools

There are many different ways that fabric partitions can be used in schools. They can be used to create temporary classrooms, study areas, or even break-out areas. Fabric partitions are also a great way to divide up larger spaces into more manageable sections.

These partitions can also serve as an information board (also referred to as a data wall) where teachers and pupils can pin notes, artwork, and posters to the ‘tackable’ fabric. This not only enables you to customise the room divider to suit the needs of your school, but it’s also useful for sharing knowledge with all pupils.

At Portable Partitions Company, we provide a wide range of partitions that are designed to be used in schools. These room dividers feature high-quality fabric that provides sound-dampening and is also flame retardant for improved safety.

Benefits of Using Data Walls Within the Classroom

There are many benefits that fabric partitions can bring to a learning environment, especially within the classroom setting. Data walls are one way in which fabric partitions can be used to improve student focus and knowledge retention. By displaying essential information on the partition, students will be able to reference it easily and quickly – helping them to better engage with the material.

Additionally, fabric room dividers can also help to improve the overall focus of a classroom by absorbing sound and creating a more private setting. This allows students to better concentrate on the task at hand without being disturbed or distracted.

Fabric partitions are an affordable way to create a custom learning environment for any school.

Our Recommended Partitions for Schools

Screenflex WALLMount™

Screenflex WALLmount

Screenflex WALLmount

WALLmount™ Room Dividers will provide flexible separation for multiple and variable-sized class or work areas without the limitations and costs of ceiling mounted track systems. Each wall-mounted unit folds conveniently against the wall for easy storage and they can be extended in all types of configurations. This wall-mounted room divider is available with a wide range of high-quality fabric or vinyl styles and they all provide great sound-dampening properties. The materials are also ‘tackable’ for pinning notes and artwork so you can create an effective data wall for your classroom.

£924.00 – £2,838.00 (exc. VAT)

Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

For smaller areas in the classroom or the school, our range of privacy screens features tri-fold panels that are connected together with a patented 360° hinge mechanism. This hinge system allows for ease of use and storage. Each of these panels is also wrapped with an acoustical flame retardant fabric which provides great sound absorption and safety. These panels are secured by an aluminium frame for greater durability and rigidity, whilst also being lightweight. Each panel also accepts Velcro and push-pins for customisation and data sharing.

£350.00 – £528.00 (exc. VAT)

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