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How Can Acoustic Room Dividers Benefit Your Workplace?

How Can Acoustic Room Dividers Benefit Your Workplace?

Image of a Room Divider 360 in situ.With more UK workers now being able to return to work, managers have been raising concerns about productivity and creativity in the workplace. The reduced productivity after going back into work could be due to the fact that some employees have been working at home for so long, that they have gotten used to working in their home environment. For these employees, it will take a bit of time to adjust to the workplace environment again.

If you’re in a work environment where noise may be a distraction, you may wish to consider acoustic room dividers or partitions. Acoustic partitions offer a convenient yet cost-effective method for controlling the level of sound and privacy in your workplace. Whether you’re in an office space, a library, or a museum, you can benefit from setting up acoustic partitions.

Not only will these sound-dampening dividers help your employees focus, but depending on the application, it can also be beneficial for customers. For example, you may wish to use acoustic dividers in your museum to separate display pieces and give them breathing room so that customers can fully take in the display with fewer distractions.

In this article, we’ll go through the benefits of acoustic panels for your workplace.

Benefits of Acoustic Room Dividers

The great thing about acoustic room dividers is that they don’t just serve one purpose. They do more than just separate spaces, they help to absorb sound and provide an increased level of privacy which many may appreciate.

For work environments like offices and libraries, acoustic partitions are a flexible solution for making work stations or desks more comfortable for staff and customers. These partitions can be moved and set up anywhere you like and you can also combine partitions to create longer walls for larger spaces.

Acoustic room dividers also help to reduce reverberation in a room, particularly in spaces that are empty or have less furniture to absorb sound.

Below are some of our recommended acoustic dividers for workplaces.

Privacy Screen

At Portable Partitions, we recommend our range of Privacy Screens which are three-panel partitions that provide enhance privacy and sound dampening benefits for a variety of uses. These can be used in vaccination centres, business offices, break areas, meeting rooms, libraries, and many more.

Our privacy screens also feature a patented 360° hinge which enables you to configure the partition however you need. It’s also constructed in an all-aluminium frame and boasts a flame retardant fabric for increased safety and durability. The fabric is also fully tackable meaning that you can stick signage, art or notes onto the screen.

Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

Benefits of the Privacy Screen

  • Effective sound dampening and offers greater privacy
  • Available in a variety of height and length options to suit a variety of rooms
  • Constructed with an all-aluminium frame for durability
  • Features a three-panel design to suit a variety of room layouts.

£350.00 – £528.00 (exc. VAT)


Room Divider 360

For larger rooms and spaces that require partitioning or sound acoustics reduction, we recommend the Room Divider 360. This is our most popular room divider and it’s manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. This may be very useful in museum applications where there are large exhibition areas that need to be separated or in libraries where large open workspaces need separation. The use cases for this room divider are endless.

The Room Divider 360 is available in a variety of height and length configurations to suit your needs and it provides a robust solution for separating open spaces and increasing privacy. Featuring a patented 360° hinge, it allows the partition to be turned in any direction and it’s also been designed to reduce the possibilities of fingers getting pinched.

Image of the Room Divider 360 in an office environment.

Room Divider 360

Benefits of the Room Divider 360:

  • The 360° hinge allows for flexible configurations and ease of storage
  • The acoustic and flame retardant fabric improves sound dampening
  • This partition arrives fully assembled
  • Available in a variety of heights to suit all types of applications

£625.00 – £2,681.25 (exc. VAT)

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