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Get Creative With Custom Art On Your Portable Partition

room divider 360

We offer a nearly endless range of options for our portable partition walls. Since room and office spaces can vary in size and shape, it’s important to provide enough customised options to accommodate spaces large and small. From varying heights, widths, styles, colours, and fabrics, our partitions offer something for everyone!

James Talbot from, the UK’s largest car-buying site, recently came to us in search of a partition wall that could not only separate space but also display artwork in their offices. He was looking for a way to partition space while providing information about their business to onlookers. We were able to custom print an infographic across the full range of a Room Divider 360 partition. The end result provided a fun, colourful way to divide space while providing insight to their business. The exclusive 360º hinges on this room divider provide a full range of movement per panel, ensuring the design will always be on full display.

custom room divider

To take things even further, Talbot requested the reverse side to be a magnetic whiteboard. This would allow the divider to double as a brainstorming board for his staff. The magnetic aspect allows them to display photographs, notes, or other information easily. We’re always willing to go the extra distance to make our customers’ dreams a reality! Call us today with any wild ideas – you may be surprised at the things we can do with a partition!