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Dividing & Partitioning Ideas for Your Office

Dividing & Partitioning Ideas for Your Office

There are many different ways that you can divide your office to give your employees their own personal space. Our range of portable partitions can ensure that you can plan your office strategically without committing to a permanent wall being built in your office. Open plan offices are here to stay, the modern office is all about increasing communication levels and reducing the number of physical divisions present in the office. However, the idea of an open plan office is all well and good until a colleague is being loud on the phone and you wish you implemented some partitioning in the office. Here are some ideas of how you can divide your office with maximum efficiency.

As we are eventually coming out of lockdown, partitions can also reduce the spread of COVID-19 throughout the office, our dividers and partitions will enable you to spread your staff out to stop the spread of the virus. Why not implement a one-way system using our products?

Team Working Stations

Team working stations are areas where employees that work in the same area of the company sit together for maximum communication. Our room dividers can help put the boundaries in place and gives individuals their own working space. This set up will allow for more employees to be in the office at the same time and enables easy collaboration between teams.

Modular Walls

This kind of workspace is an effective hybrid between a traditional workspace and the team workspace. The modular walls or cubicles include two or three slides and the other sides remain open. This an effective partition strategy if you already have rooms and walls as employees can be placed in smaller areas.

Partitions Against the Wall

Experienced facilities managers will try to make use of every inch of space in the office. These partitions provide a stable support for potential overhead storage with other desks and partial privacy maintained.

Glazed Partitions

Want to get maximum sunlight with your partitions? Glazed partitions are the perfect solutions to let sunlight in while also enhancing the privacy factor within your office. They give a stylish feel to your office and reduce the sound transfer between employees.

Some of our partitions that can help you enhance your office space…

Modular Wall

Modular Wall is an extremely cost effective, fully customisable office partition system. Modular Wall allows limitless possibilities when creating office workstations, cubicles and work areas.
Requires Modular Wall Posts – available here.

£133.10 – £250.80 (exc. VAT)

An image of a modular wall.

Modular Wall

Screenflex FREEstanding

Image of woman standing next to partition

Screenflex FREEstanding

Imagine… FREEstanding Room Dividers where you need them… anytime you need them… and they set up in just seconds.
Screenflex FREEstanding™ room dividers are available in any combination of its 6 heights and 6 lengths
Multiple FREEstanding™ room dividers can be locked together to form unlimited lengths.

  • No assembly required
  • 29¼” wide end frames provide maximum stability during operation
  • Full length aluminum hinges add strength and stability throughout the entire divider
  • Sound absorbing/tackable divider panels
  • Six heights and six lengths available
  • Multiple fabric/vinyl styles and colours
  • Powder painted metal panel trim
  • Various options, including windows and doors can be added

Our range of portable office partitions can help make your office environment safer. The government has provided guidance for those who run offices, factories, and laboratories and they recommend the use of partitions. Learn more here.

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Are you looking for office room dividers or room partitions to help maintain social distancing in your office? Then please get in touch with us. We provide a complete range of outstanding room dividers for offices that are simple to set up, maintain, and store. Look at our Mobile Office Divider Plus.

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