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Back To The Office – A Checklist of Opening Up Again  

Back To The Office – A Checklist of Opening Up Again  

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Many of us have gotten used to working in the relative safety of our homes over the pandemic but with Covid beginning to pass, its more important now than ever to make sure that your office follows the safety precautions in order to take care of each individual within your work environment alongside those that you interact with outside of work. Below is a compiled list of safety precautions that you should take on your return to your workspace.

Regular Hand Washing

Infection for covid can spread through surfaces that feature heavy usage and therefore employees should be encouraged to wash hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. In order to remind people of this, many companies have looked to putting up signs in high-use areas.

Social Distancing

Exhaled droplets containing the virus are one of the chief means of infection with the government recommending that the 2-meter distancing rule is enforced between people that do not live together. In the instance that having a distance of 2-meters between employees is unachievable, other mitigations such as glass sheets can be implemented. In order to follow the social distancing guidelines to the best of their ability.

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Clearview Freestanding Partition Screen

Many companies have utilised our Covid 19 Protection Products such as the Clearview Freestanding Partition Screen which will allow your employees to function and communicate with each other or customers as if the screen was not there, giving a personal touch to your business.

View our Clearview Freestanding Partition Screens here.

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Clearview Divider 360

If you need something similar but on a larger scale, we offer the Clearview Divider 360 which offers several connected screens in order to give your employees and clients freedom of movement.

View our Clearview Divider 360 here.

Stay Home if You Feel Unwell

Up to one-third of all people who catch Covid are asymptomatic meaning they show no indication of any of the symptoms making this countermeasure less effective. If anyone at the office is displaying symptoms of Covid or has informed you that they do not feel well, they should be encouraged to stay home and take a test at the soonest convenience to confirm whether it’s actually Covid.

Get Regular Tests

As stated in the last section, a considerable fraction of those that catch Covid show no symptoms and are largely unaffected by the virus, this makes getting regular tests crucial in the best interest of your employees and their families. With the integration of home testing kits, it’s now easier than ever to test your employees without having to visit a walk-in center, some businesses have implemented covid tests once a week or before entering work on a daily basis. Taking tests regularly can ensure that the more vulnerable people at your company or any family they have at home are less likely to catch the virus by extension.

Reopening the office can seem like a monumental task at first but with utilisation of the Covid countermeasures it can become much simpler, it’s important to make sure that all of the employees at your company are protected and carrying out any implemented safety precautions in order to protect each individual and anybody else they may come into contact with.


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We provide high-quality room dividers and protection screens that are manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards. Our range of COVID mitigation products can help you maintain social distancing. With our room dividers, you can partition certain areas to manage your staff and keep contact to a minimum. View our range of COVID-19 protection products here.

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