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Are Protection Screens Effective & Where Can I Use Them?

Are Protection Screens Effective & Where Can I Use Them?

In many public establishments and shops, you’ll see transparent protection screens in all kinds of forms, such as countertop screens, suspended screens, and freestanding screens. These items create a partition between staff and customers which helps to maintain social distancing.

However, are sneeze and cough screens effective and where can these screens be applied to? In this article, we explain the effectiveness of protection screens and the typical applications for these screens.

Why Use Protection Screens In Your Business?

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread, it’s essential that businesses take the right precautions to protect their staff and customers in order to maintain a safe premise. Whilst social distancing measures are in place to help reduce the spread of viruses, it can be difficult to enforce in smaller spaces such as shops, offices, restaurants, cafes, etc. For these types of businesses, they should consider investing in protective screens to help create separation in the premise.

Places, where customers are continuously entering and exiting, are prime locations for the disease to spread. This is where plastic protective screens can help reduce the spread of infections. At Portable Partitions Company, we supply the highest quality protection screens using acrylic and plexiglass.


How Effective Are Acrylic Protective Screens?

It’s known that COVID-19 can be spread through coughing and sneezing. The small droplets that expel when coughing or sneezing can be caught by the plastic screens which reduces contact. Placing these screens in areas that are at risk of high exposure can help reduce the chances of spreading viruses.

COVID is known to be able to survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, so being able to clean your protection screens is essential. As these screens are primarily made with acrylic and plexiglass, they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply use any household cleaning solution with a cloth to wipe down the surfaces.

Our Recommended COVID Mitigation Products

Desktop Tri-Panel Screen

For businesses with a reception area, it’s essential that you have a countertop protection screen in place in order to reduce the chances of spreading germs and viruses. In this scenario, we recommend either our countertop tri-panel screen or our desktop tri-panel screen, depending on the application.

The countertop screens can be placed around a countertop surface which creates a barrier between customers and staff. Similarly, desktop screens also create a barrier between staff and employees in an office environment. As they are made with acrylic or plexiglass, you can wipe them down often as necessary without worrying about damaging the surface.

Semi-transparent room divider.

Smaller offices will find it challenging to maintain social distancing as there may not be much room to move staff around. In this case, we recommend our semi-transparent partition screen. The semi-transparent room dividers offer a level of privacy, sound-proofing, and of course, reduces the chances of spreading germs. These room dividers are also perfect for use in shops, schools, GP surgeries, and many more types of applications.


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