VP6 Rolling Economical Partition

£217.35 (Exc. VAT)

Similar to our VP4 range, our VP6 Rolling Economical Partition products are designed to implement additional privacy within a range of domestic and commercial properties. Where they do differ however, is in their sizing and mobility options.

Being a single panel measuring 6’ x 6’, the construction needed implementation of material that would allow for the partition to remain stable when seeing frequent use. This has been achieved through the fitting of a 16 gauge 1.25” round steel tubing which provides market-leading stability to the product. Even with its large size, the VP6 Partition is highly manoeuvrable due to the wheels attached to the base, this allows for regular repositioning and relocating without any hassle, perfect for those busy environments that see a lot of foot traffic.

Perfect for classrooms, churches, gymnasiums, workstations, and many more, multiple VP6 partitions can be combined to create a solution to perfectly meet the privacy needs within your property.




Delivery Information:

Ground shipping is via UPS or FedEx and will have the product delivered directly to your door. Larger orders of 10 or more units will need to be shipped via pallet on a freight. Additional services for transporting the partition directly to your property are available and can be added at checkout for an affordable fee.

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