Operable Wall Folding Room Divider

Our Operable Wall is a modern marvel of engineering and can cover massive spaces. This wall-mounted, floor-based, articulating partition is a perfect solution for spaces requiring up to 12′ high coverage. The Operable Wall is a low-cost alternative to expensive track-mounted accordion door systems, or perfect for areas that can’t accept a track system like other folding wall partitions.

(Note: Please allow 2 inch clearance for wall mounting hardware)

£2,327.60£5,596.82 (Exc. VAT)

Operable Wall Folding Room Dividers offer greater coverage than our premium partitions, making them ideal in open offices or large room spaces.

The Operable Wall Folding Room Divider is the prime solution for dividing or partitioning large spaces such as offices, warehouses, assembly halls, and many more.

Even footing may not always be present in domestic or commercial properties of these sizes, a potential issue we address by integrating a sliding hinge design that allows for comfortable footing on uneven flooring.

This extra-large folding wall divider is available in lengths up to 19’2″, and by mounting two units upon two opposing walls, this system can divide spaces up to 39′. The unique sliding hinge design ensures an ease of use even on slightly uneven floors, making the Operable Wall easy to open and close. A unique, flexible hinge system provides slight vertical movement for each panel, allowing the divider to traverse uneven flooring with ease. Our durable, rolling casters provide 2.5″ ground clearance making this one of the easiest collapsible room dividers to operate.

The thick, 2″ acoustical panels are perfect for dampening sound, while the clear anodized aluminium frame offers maximum durability with a sleek, modern look. The acoustical panels can be covered in any of our 23 sound-dampening, pushpin-accepting acoustical fabrics. With so many colours and materials to choose from, it’s easy to incorporate these folding room partitions into existing home and office furniture solutions.


As well as being efficient at providing privacy and segmenting space, the panels are also great at providing acoustic control and sound dampening without compromising on its modern, sleek look available in a grand total of 23 different fabrics.

To find out more about our Operable Wall Folding Room Divider solutions or to speak to a member of the Portable Partitions team regarding their implementation within your property, get in contact directly by clicking here.


Our acoustical partition panels provide enhanced sound-dampening and acoustics control.



Our 2″ thick anodized aluminum frame is as stylish as it is durable.



Our acoustical fabric is tackable allowing signage, art, or notes to be posted with pushpins.



Industry leading folding hinge provides full range movement and no-pinch rounded seams.



Wheels located on the bottom of panels for easy expansion or reduction.



Built with strength and durability in mind for every design.



Beige, Black, Blue Spruce, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Powder Blue, Caribbean, Cerulean, Charcoal Gray, Cloud Gray, Cranberry, Forest Green, Sea Green, Latte, Mocha, Ocean, Papaya, Red, Rye, Sand, Slate, Warm Pebble

Choose from the following:

Dimensions        2413 × 2572 mm

Width – 2.41m (7’11”), 3.58m (11’9”), 4.75m (15’7”), 5.94m (19’6”)

Height -2.57m (8’5-3/4′), 3.27m (10’3/4”), 3.74m (12’3”)

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