FP6 Economical Privacy Screen

£310.50 (Exc. VAT)

The FP6 Economical Privacy Screen is a partition designed with comprehensive privacy in mind. Being constructed of 3 panels and measuring 6’ in height and 6’ in width, the FP6 Privacy Screen is very efficient in segmenting space while also being incredibly lightweight and easy to relocate. These factors make it an incredibly popular partition product used within a range of domestic and commercial properties.

The main panels of the Privacy Screen are constructed from a 16-gauge, 1.2” round steel tubing that makes the overall product far more stable and durable than it may appear at first glance. Weighing in at only 37 pounds, the Privacy Screen can easily be moved, removed, packed-up, and stored with minimal hassle.

In comparison to many of the other partition options on the market, the FP6 Economical Privacy Screen is very budget-friendly while still retaining the build and functionality of some of the higher cost units, this makes it a very practical option when looking to purchase multiple units to fill a property. To find out how a FP6 Economic Privacy Screen can be utilised within your property, or to simply speak to a member of our team, get in touch with the Portable Partitions team by clicking here.


Delivery Information:

For orders of fewer than 6 units, the delivery will be carried out by UPS or FedEx who will leave the product at your property. For 6 or more units a pallet on a freight will be required, as well as a team to move the partitions within your property. Portable Partitions are able to help you with this with additional delivery options being available at checkout.

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