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The Portable Partitions Company has assisted universities and colleges, such as University of the West of England (UWE), to create the perfect conditions for their students when undertaking their examinations through the use of portable screens.

For UWE the challenge was to create the right space and acoustics within the University’s multi-use exhibition centre to accommodate around 1,500 students sitting various exams.



The building’s usual purpose being to host events and showcase work done by the students. The wide open space providing the perfect setting for large audiences or exhibitions. However, as every student knows, sitting an exam can be an extremely daunting, and for many an acutely anxious, experience. This is further exacerbated by poor exam venue conditions.

Dawn Stephens, UWE Central Examinations Manager commented, “Walking into the building, the space was a vast area that we felt would be extremely daunting for the students when about to sit an exam. It was with this in mind that we approached the Portable Partitions Company to help us create a more ‘friendlier’ environment.”


The Portable Partitions Company proposed to split the area into six separate sections seating up to 250 students each, using 70 of their acoustic screens allowing between 30-55% sound absorption within the space.

Alex Ayres, Managing Director of the Portable Partitions Company says, “The order from UWE is testament to the quality, flexibility and durability of our products. For this project we visited the university to determine the best layout and once agreed set up the system to ensure it met the brief. Though the specific purpose of the products were to create the perfect exam conditions, the screens have also been used to create flexible space solutions for exhibitions, seminars and other events taking place at the university throughout the year.”

Dawn continues, “We chose the Portable Partitions Company above other suppliers as their portable screens are great quality, extremely durable and flexible – ideal for our needs. We needed a system that we could erect and dismantle easily and that we knew when it was put into storage would be in perfect condition when used again.


Along with the many hundreds of the University’s graduates, the exam season was a great success for the Portable Partitions Company and its specialist expertise in delivering flexible space solutions.

Portable Partitions Company Room Dividers allow any space to be sectioned into separate areas or rooms to be set up instantly within an open plan office. Key benefits of the system include:

  • Really simple assembly
  • Ultimate flexibility – panels fold back when not in use
  • Sound absorbing yet light and completely portable
  • Provide privacy or security
  • A choice of six different heights and lengths
  • Compact storage – stored folded back making use of limited space
  • Made from 76% recycled material
  • Bespoke products can be produced to meet specific requirements
  • Standard products are available for purchase or hire.

“In addition, the team we dealt with were extremely helpful and personable at all times during the process, being happy to talk through the options and suggest solutions that would work for us. They truly were great to work with and we would definitely recommend the Portable Partitions Company to our peers.” Dawn Stephens, UWE Central Examinations Manager.

To find out more about our range of portable screens visit our online store now or get in touch with our sales team on 01684 298 833

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Shooting a blockbuster movie on location comes with a unique set of problems. Especially when the location in question is one of the busiest places in London. That was the challenge facing the Pinewood Studios production team during the making of The Bourne Ultimatum staring Matt Damon.

Within Waterloo Station’s busy platforms and concourse areas the production team needed to set up secure temporary work areas for make up artists, wardrobe, rehearsal areas and green room space for the many extras involved in the filming. The production team at Pinewood Studios turned to the Portable Partition Company to help provide the right solutions using our Room Divider products.

But this isn’t the only claim to fame for our screens… They have also been used in the making of National Treasure 2 staring Nicholas Cage and The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

However until now our screens have always played a supporting role. But that is all set to change with Sony’s new production of The Girl in A Spider’s Web, where our sleek 360 Polycarbonate product will make its on screen debut.

The previous productions the spaces created needed to be quick and easy to set up and the Room Divider products provided by the Portable Partition Company were the perfect solution.

The products had to be easily manoeuvrable to meet a rapidly changing spatial requirement. And with space being at such a premium, whenever not in use, our products needed to take up as little space as possible when being stored. As well as providing security and privacy they had to create a pleasant, if temporary, working environment for both the cast and crew.

All our products are available for either purchase or hire and bespoke solutions are available. Our Room Divider products offer a variety of colour and finish options as well as other benefits such as sound absorption.

Our 360 Polycarbonate Screens set to make their ‘Screen Debut’

Even if you’re not filming the next blockbuster, if you need an effective and flexible solution to meet your spatial planning requirements don’t hesitate in giving our team a call today on 01684 298833 or contact