Screenflex HEAVYDUTY

£1,440.00£3,360.00 (exc. VAT)



Screenflex HEAVYDUTY

Just as you would use a 4 x 4 to travel across rough terrain, Screenflex HEAVYDUTY Room Dividers are designed to handle the challenging conditions often found in the Hospitality industry.

Equipped with oversized self leveling castors, heavy gauge wrap around gusset plates, deep channel end frames, added crossbars, thicker hinges and more, Screenflex HEAVYDUTY is truly…


Screenflex HEAVYDUTY additional features:

Screenflex HEAVYDUTY featuresScreenflex heavy duty features

  1. EXTRA Strong & OVERSIZED Corner Castors
  2. Self Leveling Dual Panel Castors
  3. EXTRA Wide Support Legs
  4. Top Corner Gusset Plates
  5. Added Crossbar with Sturdy Storage Latch
  6. Storage Latch Raised 28″ Off The Ground
  7. Hinges Are EXTRA Thick & EXTRA Strong
  8. Deep Channel End Frame
  9. EXTRA Heavy Gauge “Wrap Around” Gusset Plates
  10. Multi-Unit Connectors Are Standard Equipment